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PA Triple Trophy Unlimited
" Supporting the Pennsylvania Sportsman"
21598 Hwy 198 . Saegertown . PA . 16433 (814) 724-9479
2015 PA Spring Turkey Contest
General rules: Spring Turkey must be a free range turkey harvested in the state of Pennsylvania during the 2015
Pennsylvania Spring Turkey Season. The turkey must be harvested by a legal means in accordance with the
Pennsylvania Game Commission. If you have a second tag you must submit a second form. Entries will be accepted up
until May 31, 2015. Top ten scores will be scored by a representative of PA Triple Trophy Unlimited. Any rules that
are violated will be grounds for disqualification.
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2015 PA Spring Turkey Score
Scoring your Pennsylvania Spring Turkey: PA Triple Trophy scoring system will be based on the length of the
beard(s) and the length of the spurs.
All measurements will be taken to the closest 1/16" and recorded in a decimals.
Measure the beard(s) to the longest strand. If your turkey has multiple beards enter each beard length separated with a
comma. Example: 5.000, 3.125, 3.625, 2.250.
Measure the Right and Left Spur birds with multiple spurs measure only the longest Spur on each leg. Bearded Hens
will be measured the same way and when no spurs are present enter 0 in the spur length field.
E-mail pictures that clearly show beard(s) and spurs next to a scale to: [email protected]
Top ten scores will be scored by a representative of PA Triple Trophy Unlimited and all scores will be final with no
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