Toronto Fringe Festival – Venue Info – 2015 *SUBJECT TO



Toronto Fringe Festival – Venue Info – 2015 *SUBJECT TO
Toronto Fringe Festival – Venue Info – 2015
St. Vladimir’s Theatre
620 Spadina Avenue
When designing the technical elements of your show including your set, keep in mind you have 15 minutes to
set up and 15 minutes to strike your show.
Please refer to the Participant’s Handbook for general information regarding lighting and sound.
Each venue has its own rules and restrictions so be sure to attend your venue walkthrough, which will occur in
mid-June. A specific date for your venue walkthrough will be forwarded to you as soon as it is available.
This venue includes:
Storage Space: 3’ x 4’
1 Dressing Room
2 CD players
2 vocal microphones with stands
A connection to the sound board for a computer or mp3 player
1 iPod Cable
Notes specific to this venue:
You must have a stage manager who can run sound for the show, as well as call the
lighting cues to the technician.
There is a proscenium curtain operated from stage left.
Access to the dressing rooms from onstage is from the upstage left door.
There is a set of removable stairs for access from the house to the stage, however, their
placement may require the removal of some of the audience seating. If necessary, this decision
will be made during your technical rehearsal.
There is a projection screen as noted on the drawing. Only the technician is permitted to raise
and lower the screen and it can only occur during your technical set-up/strike and not during
the performance.
You cannot use the following effects in this venue: stage blood, haze, cigarettes, or flame.
Notes applicable to all venues:
You have 1 lighting special.
Access to the dressing rooms is only possible during the 15 minute set up time directly before your
show. However, it is a good idea to arrive early, and wait for your technician to let you in.
Toronto Fringe Festival – Venue Info – 2015
If you wish to hang/rig items, you will need to bring tie line, carabiners or quick links as well as pulleys
that are rated correctly for your set. Please allow sufficient time during your tech set up for these to
be installed. The venue technician is the only person allowed on a ladder in your venue.
If you have a set that cannot fit in the allotted storage space, you must be prepared to transport some
of your set to and from the venue for each show. This decision will be made during your technical
rehearsal and is at the discretion of your venue technicians.
The theatre control booth is a RESTRICTED area. Only stage managers and technicians are allowed in
the booth. Please wait until your technician has given the “all-clear” before you enter the booth.
There is absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in the theatre control booth, except water in a sealed
water bottle. Water bottles must remain on the stage management desk away from all consoles and
other equipment.
Please do not bring bicycles into the theatre or theatre lobby.
Please remember that the Fringe only corresponds with the Primary Contact from each participating
Fringe company.
Do not contact the venue directly. All communication must go through the Fringe.
If you have questions please contact the Fringe Production Manager at [email protected] or

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