to see our collateral brochure - King City



to see our collateral brochure - King City
Kingbridge is a unique
residential conference centre
and full-service hospitality venue
designed specifically for leaders
who want to work with their
teams to expand their thinking
and inspire change.
Kingbridge was built
from the ground up to
inspire and facilitate
problem solving,
creative ideation and
group collaboration.
Kingbridge is more than
a venue – we provide a
unique experience for
the mind and body,
designed to help people
and teams realize their
full potential.
• 44 unique meeting spaces, with built in audio/
visual, IACC approved lighting/sound,
ergonomic chairs, and wonderful natural
• Indoor & outdoor experiential learning spaces including the best high ropes course in North America
• Extensive indoor &
outdoor recreational options
• Award winning chef and
impeccable service staff
• 124 spacious guestrooms with water and forest views
• 113-acre campus only 20 minutes from Pearson International Airport
• Venue for meeting and learning
• Meeting enhancement tools and services
• Customized programs to meet specific
organizational needs
• Performance enhancing and wellness
services and programs
• Open enrollment programs for the public
Our sales team and specialized convening staff
strive to achieve flawless service for every guest.
Our meeting engagement tools
and services are designed to
help clients interact and
collaborate more effectively.
Our meeting tools assist in
opening minds so deeper
conversations can occur and
team members feel confident
sharing different points of view.
We promote openness and
sharing, so teams can boost
their creativity and
perform better.
Organizations will
thrive during these
challenging social and
economic times if they
uncover better ways to
ensure team alignment,
shared leadership and
organizational agility.
We design multi-day
experiential programs
which provide tools for
thinking differently,
practicing better
dialogue, and framing
provocative questions
that enable teams to
solve problems and
innovate more
Our revolutionary one-on-one
services and individualized
programs are designed to
enhance brain function for better
decision making and engagement,
increase physical flexibility and
stamina, and boost productivity
allowing your team to reach their
full mental and physical potential.
events for
change –
at Kingbridge.
Maximize the return on
your meeting investment.
We’ve created a place
where the focus is solely
dedicated to meeting and
The Kingbridge Centre
12750 Jane Street,
King City, Toronto
Ontario L7B 1A3
905 833 3086

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