Clippity Clop Easter Egg Hunt 2015 There will be



Clippity Clop Easter Egg Hunt 2015 There will be
April Fool Day (1) Easter (5)
Earth Day (22)
Arbor Day (24)
Clippity Clop Easter Egg Hunt 2015
There will be Easter eggs hidden around and in the east arena. All will have candy. Some will have
suprises. At the end of the day everyone will be invited to find the Easter eggs.
Jump into Spring Relay
April 2015
Modified Butter Fly Pattern. This is a relay race between two riders. Riders will
enter the arena at the same time. They will ride the inside of the poles to the top of the pattern. The
rider will then dismount and take the jump rope. The rider will weave the pole pattern down and back
on the while jumping rope The rider will return the rope to it’s keeper then remount their horse. The
rider will ride the out side of the pattern home.
Double Barrel Ribbon Race
April 2015
Two rider relay. Riders enter the arena together with a each holding one
end of a ribbon. They will cross the jump at the bottom, round the bottom barrel and the top of the last
barrel and ride for home. If their ribbon breaks both riders are disqualified.
Bunny Run
April 2015
This pattern is a modified Bunny Run. Rider will enter the arena on the ground. After they cross
the timer they will be handed the Easter egg basket and asked to mount their horse. They will carry the basket and eggs and
drop an egg into each bucket on each barrel. If you drop the basket or eggs you must dismount and pick them up and
continue on.