French Easter Scavenger Hunt - Our landscape. Our home. Our school


French Easter Scavenger Hunt - Our landscape. Our home. Our school
“Our landscape. Our home. Our school.” _____________________________________________________________
Erasmus+ project
French Easter Scavenger Hunt
María Rey Criado, French Language.
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Content standards
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Activity procedures
Easter Scavenger Hunt in French class
Students of 3 course of ESO (14-15 years-old)
2 periods at the beginning of the third term, at the end of Easter holidays.
· Teamwork, collaboration to achieve a common objective.
· Practise cooperation and dialogue.
· Develop confidence, participation, cooperation and collaboration within
their possibilities
· Review fundamental aspects of the French culture (history, music,
symbols, geography, grammar, vocabulary …), to develop attitudes of respect
for other cultures.
· To review general orientation and spatial prepositions.
This is an activity to review contents in a fun way. Students must find chocolate
eggs that are hidden on the schoolyard. They must be able to answer basic
questions. If they give a correct answer the teacher will give them a lead to find
an egg hidden on the school yard.
Chocolate eggs.
· Previous organization: Classroom work and preparation
- In the days prior to the activity, the students must search and write different
questions about contents learned on their French classes (grammar,
vocabulary or cultural questions). Teacher does the same thing. The teacher
prepares a list with all the questions collected.
- Before the activity the teacher must hide the chocolate eggs all around the
· During the activity:
- All the class goes outside to the sports court. The students form groups.
- The teacher shows one question. The groups must answer the questions in
order. If they give a correct answer, the teacher gives to the group a lead
explaining where one of the eggs is hidden. The students must follow the
indications, find the egg, and come back to the court to continue playing.
Students outcome
At the end of the activity the students and the teacher will write a review with
the most difficult contents.
____________________________________________________________________10. Outdoor lessons and activities
IES David Bujan, Cambre, ES
Tests and questions made by the students.
Questionnaires made by the teacher.

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