CVRP Transparency Manager - UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy


CVRP Transparency Manager - UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy
CVRP Transparency Manager
San Diego, CA
Basic Functions
The CVRP Transparency Manger will be responsible for development, coordination, and general execution of a variety of
projects and analyses associated with one or more of the following: data management, analysis, online visualization,
surveys, representativeness, projections, incentives design, stakeholder support, and related activities. These activities
will be conducted under the general supervision of the Senior EV Initiatives Manager (Transportation Department) and
in coordination with CSE’s research & analysis staff. In addition to duties related to the CVRP and similar projects, this
position will also provide overall operational support within CSE’s Transportation Department, including new program
development and implementation.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Create, implement and manage projects which add value to the administration of the
CVRP and the development of the EV market; many projects focus on analysis of EV market data (from rebate
applications and surveys) and produce data-driven products. Activities must be conducted to ensure quality
control and compliance with program requirements.
DATA MANAGEMENT, ANALYSIS, AND VISUALIZATION: Securely collect, clean, organize, summarize, analyze, and help
visualize data from project applications, surveys, and a variety of external sources.
REPORTING: Oversee and create project reports and presentations. Contribute to data analysis and writing of
transportation program reports, papers, research articles, presentations, and media content.
STAKEHOLDER SUPPORT: Interact with EV market stakeholders including, but not limited to, state and regional
agencies, automakers, dealerships, fleet operators, utilities, charging infrastructure firms, state agencies, air
districts, project partners, media, and others directly and indirectly related to this program.
SPECIAL PROJECTS: Represent CSE at external events. Perform other duties of a similar nature or level.
PROGRAM/PROJECT MONITORING: Monitor daily activities to ensure that procedures are working to achieve
program goals and to support efficient processes. Periodic review of program plans.
PROGRAM/PROJECT DESIGN: Make recommendations on transportation program design, including needs
assessments, drafting proposals, preparing outreach tools, and evaluation and reporting.
PERSONNEL SUPERVISION/DEVELOPMENT: Manage, mentor, develop and oversee the daily activities of assistant- and
associate-level staff members as needed. Establish clear development goals and identify strategies to reach
development goals for all staff members.
OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT: Synthesize monthly reports for the Transportation Department which may include,
but are not limited to, tracking budgets, project developments and new funding opportunities. Coordinate,
organize and develop agenda items for regular departmental and project meetings.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• 2+ years of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified, including program
implementation and experience building and maintaining relationships with external clients. Graduate school
experience may take the place of some work experience if directly relevant to essential duties and
responsibilities of this position.
• Advanced degree preferred, Bachelor's degree required. Degree program or experience should demonstrate
quantitative rigor and methodological relevance. Degree or experience should ideally demonstrate relevance to
sustainable transportation and energy and/or the automotive industry, such as environmental/energy policy,
transportation planning, environmental planning, transportation engineering, specialized public policy,
environmental science, or technological innovation.
• Understanding or mastery of one or more analysis methodologies relating to: surveys, assessment of
representativeness, projections, multi-criteria analysis of policy alternatives, data management, econometrics or
statistical methods of data analysis, data visualization, and/or related fields.
• Strong attention to detail.
Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision and/or direction.
Analytical; strong critical thinking and problem solving skills; Literate, numerate, and curious.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent liaison and coordination skills
Understanding of electric vehicle market development and trends.
Understanding of electric vehicle and alternative fuel technologies.
Understanding of transportation issues relating to greenhouse-gas and pollutant emissions.
Ability to oversee program assistants, volunteers and/or interns.
Ability to create presentations, data visualization products, reports, and other products.
Understanding of California and national energy and air-quality policies.
Public speaking and client/partner interaction skills and abilities.
Familiarity with technology diffusion and general advanced technology adoption theory/practice.
Familiarity with ARB’s Advanced Clean Cars and Greenhouse-Gas Reduction Fund programs and other California
low carbon transportation policies.
Application Procedure:
Please send a resume and cover letter along with salary history via e-mail to [email protected]