Product Description London is enjoying the world`s worst hangover



Product Description London is enjoying the world`s worst hangover
Product Description
London is enjoying the world’s worst hangover
after a string of mysterious radiological attacks.
A Mercenary's Playground – Compete for
riches and bragging rights in 5v5 or 8v8
multiplayer action across the game’s initial
o Stop-Watch –Players take turns
attacking and defending objectives
while the clock counts down
o Objective
objectives such as escorting a
moving vehicle while your opponent
Free-to-Win – Totally free to play and, more
importantly, free to win, Dirty Bomb provides
hundreds of hours of competitive multiplayer
action. It’s all about playing well as a team
and mastering your Mercs and their abilities,
not the amount of money spent.
Mercenaries from all over the world have thrown
caution to the irradiated wind, jumping at the
chance to extract London's secrets or bury them
forever for shady clients.
Turns out the capital is a great place to make
capital. You want in? Get ready to #PlayDirty!
Key Features
Competitive To The Core – A return to the
classic FPS PC feel with frenetic run ‘n gun
action and asymmetrical team-play, Dirty
Bomb is built for gamers with a mouse, a
keyboard and an appetite for heated
competition. Casual players need not apply.
Your Mercs, Your Style – Choose from a
wide array of larger-than-life Mercenaries to
form a squad of three. Need heavy firepower? Pick Skyhammer, whose Airstrikes
leave opponents shaking in their combat
boots. Prefer a mine-dropping Merc?
Proxy’s your girl. Each Merc has a variety of
unique abilities and load-outs to strategically
combat each game challenge and situation.
Don’t Be a Dick – Obey the golden rule.
Success in Dirty Bomb relies on working
together as part of a team to clear an
objective and show your opponents the true
meaning of ‘hostile negotiations’.
Product Specifications
Nexon America
Splash Damage
First Person Shooter
© NEXON America Inc. and Splash Damage Ltd. All Rights
SPLASH DAMAGE is a registered trademark of Splash
Damage Ltd. DIRTY BOMB is a registered trademark of
WarChest Ltd

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