Datasheet PCE (PDF 122.19 kB)



Datasheet PCE (PDF 122.19 kB)
Electrical Drives
PCE electrical coolant pump with
brushless motor
Modular design
PCE electrical coolant pump utilizes brushless motor
technology and is offered as a building block in three
power ranges (40/60/70 W) to fulfill the various
requirements of auxiliary cooling circuits.
The usage of brushless technology and the optimized
hydraulic design of the pump components lead to
efficiencies up to 39%. Thanks to the compact design
and the reduction of weight (max. 620 g) significant
CO₂ savings are achieved. Regarding noise, standard
customer requirements are exceeded which enables
PCE to be suitable in applications such as hybrid and
PCE electrical coolant pump
electric vehicles. The robust design of the pump allows
Customer benefits
and diagnosis functions are achievable via PWM- or
▶ CO₂ reduction by optimized efficiency, speed
control and reduced weight
▶ Reduced noise level
▶ Coverage of a wide hydraulic performance range
▶ Integrated diagnostics with differentiated failure
mounting to the combustion engine. Speed control
LIN interface. With this internal diagnosis capability,
different failures (e.g. over-temperatures, stall, etc.)
are reported to the control unit. If a given failure
continues over a predetermined duration, the pump
defaults to an “emergency mode” reducing power to
ensure import functions (e.g. cooling of power electronics). The brushless drive and robust design lead to
▶ Highest power density regarding packaging
high durability, which is necessary for plug-in hybrid
▶ Engine mounting possible
and electric vehicle charging modes.
The PCE electrical coolant pump is a so-called centrifugal
pump. The stator and electronics are mechanically
separated from the rotor within the sealed motor housing. The electronics produce a changing magnetic field
via the stator winding when energized, which then drives
the rotor (impeller) – completing the hydraulic circuit.
Two seal rings protect the motor against humidity.
The electronic system is cooled by a die-cast cover.
The electrical and hydraulic connections can be adapted
to specific requirements of the customer. The PCE is used
in the component cooling e.g. in new drive train concepts.
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