Animas® Insulin Pump Exposure to X-rays or



Animas® Insulin Pump Exposure to X-rays or
Animas Insulin Pump Exposure to X-rays or Radiation
Attn: Airport Security
An insulin pump is a life-sustaining medical device used to treat diabetes. The pump
delivers insulin 24 hours a day via an infusion set and needle inserted into the user’s body.
This device cannot go through x-ray as it may damage the pump. *
Users may be travelling with additional back-up pumps and supplies to be
used in the event of emergency.
For any questions regarding x-ray or
radiation exposure related to this insulin pump, please contact
Animas Corporation, Product Support at 1300 851 056
(+61 2 9882 3105 outside of Australia).
Animas Vibe
(Pump model may vary)
*See Vibe or appropriate Owner’s Booklet for travel recommendations.
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