Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration


Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration
Charleston, South Carolina
October 14-17, 2015
Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration
• Program accomplishments must be related to collaborations between different types
of organizations (ex: literacy, health, workforce).
• Nomination must be based on accomplishments in the last two years.
• Organizations may nominate themselves.
• Award-winning organization must be able to send a representative to attend the
conference to accept award.
• $1,000 to cover winner’s expenses for attending the conference
• Complimentary conference registration
• Commemorative gift (trophy/frame)
• Choice of $500 worth of New Readers Press materials
Nominee: ________________________________________________________________________
Nominating organization: ___________________________________________________________
Contact name and title: _____________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Contact telephone: _________________________Contact email: ___________________________
Please attach a narrative (2 pages maximum) addressing each of the following in detail for
the nominee:
Provide information about an innovative partnership or collaboration with
community organizations that have assisted your organization in providing services.
2. Explain how and why this partnership or collaboration started.
3. Explain the needs your organization is addressing in forming this partnership.
4. Include information about how your organization is evaluating the outcomes and
benefits of this new strategy or partnership.
5. Provide examples of ways this partnership has affected individuals who participate
with your organization. Include information about new audiences you have been able
to reach as a result.
6. Provide examples of what was learned from the partnership. Are there ways this type
of collaboration can be replicated by other organizations?
All nominations must be postmarked by May 22, 2015.
Send to: ProLiteracy, Attn: Awards Committee, 104 Marcellus Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
or by email to [email protected].
104 Marcellus Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
315.422.9121 T E L
315.422.6369 FAX