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Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt
to star in 'Shhuddhi': KJo
Mumbai : Karan Johar's production "Shuddhi", which was to initially feature Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor, now stars "Student Of The Year"
actors Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, the filmmaker has announced. Karan
Johar took to Twitter On Thursday night to make the announcement on
the Karan Malhotra directorial. "And finally..SHUDDHI starring VARUN
DHAWAN and ALIA BHATT...directed by KARAN MALHOTRA..@Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @karanmalhotra21 @
DharmaMovies," he tweeted. Just last year, Karan Johar
had announced on Twitter that Salman Khan will feature
in "Shuddhi". However, it seems Varun has been now
locked in place of the "Dabangg" star. Salman
congratulated the "Main Tera Hero" actor with
a tweet: "Kamaal karte ho Varun Dhawan...
Made your dad and me so proud of you...
Happy Shuddhi." To that, Varun responded: "Thank you Bhai @BeingSalmanKhan
I promise to make you proud #shuddhi"."
Alia, who "cannot wait" to be a part of
"Shhuddhi", wrote: "Can't wait to be a part
of Karan Malhotra's epic vision #SHUDDHI @karanjohar @karanmalhotra21
@Varun_dvn @DharmaMovies" This
will be Varun and Alia's third film together after "Student of the Year" and
"Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania".
McConaughey in talks
for 'Spider-Man' reboot ?
Los Angeles : Actor Matthew McConaughey is reportedly targeted by
Marvel Comics to play the villain,
Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin, in the upcoming rebooted 'Spider-Man' franchise.
According to Point of Geeks website, the 45-year-old is in "basic talks"
with the studio, reports aceshowbiz.
com McConaughey previously confirmed he had been eyed by both
Marvel and Warner Bros to star in
superhero movies. “I've read some
Marvel and DC scripts and I've
talked about working with them
on some scripts, none of which I'll
share with with you what they are
- or were. Yeah, I've circled some of
those. Nothing has been right for
me yet. But I'm sure open to it," he
said. According to the website, it's
not surprising for Marvel to target
such an A-list actor as Norman Osborn character's overall prominence
in the comics has risen over the past
decade. While it is unclear to what
extent Sony and Marvel intend to
include Norman Osborn in Marvel
Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the
future, in recent years the villain
character has been crucial as an "anti-hero" in the comics. "Spider-Man"
reboot is scheduled for a 2017 release. Previously, Asa Butterfield,
Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee
Chalamet and Liam James were reportedly some of the candidates to
take the role of Peter Parker.
Afternoon protein snacks may
help prevent teenage obesity
New York : Are you wondering
how to make your adolescent
kid avoid eating unhealthy
in the evening? Researchers
have found that high-protein
afternoon snacks, particularly
soy foods, reduce unhealthy
evening snacking in teenagers, thereby preventing obesity. Soy-protein snacks in the
afternoon promote feelings
of fullness and delays subsequent eating, the findings
showed. "Standard meals tend
to go to the wayside for kids
this age -- particularly from
mid-afternoon to late evening -- and many of the convenient 'grab-and-go' snacks
are high in fat and sugar," said
lead researcher Heather Leidy,
assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology
at the University of Missouri.
"When kids eat high-protein
snacks in the afternoon, they
are less likely to eat unhealthy
snacks later in the day, which
is particularly important for
kids who want to prevent unhealthy weight gain," Leidy
explained. Male and female
adolescents between the ages
of 13 and 19 who were classified as either normal weight or
overweight participated in the
study. The researchers assessed
how snacking in the afternoon
affected teenagers' appetite,
drive to eat and food choices
later in the day and whether these were different when
teens skipped eating snacks
altogether. "In addition to the
appetite and satiety benefits,
we found that when the teens
ate the high-protein snacks,
they incorporated more protein throughout the day and
consumed less dietary fat,"
Leidy said. "In addition, we
also found that the high-protein snacks improved certain
aspects of mood and cognitive function," Leidy pointed
out. The afternoon protein
snacks used in the study were
soy-protein pudding. Leidy
said similar high-quality
protein sources should elicit
similar benefits. The findings
appeared in the Journal of Nutrition.
23 MAY 2015 8
Akshay Kumar
to launch 'pocket
friendly' clothing line
Mumbai : Actor Akshay
Kumar will soon be
launching his own
clothing range on an
online home shopping TV channel
he co-owns with
Raj Kundra. The “Namastey London” actor
took to social networking website Facebook,
Twitter and photo-sharing
website Instagram to announce
the new line among his fans and
followers. "I'll soon be launching my very own clothes line
on Best Deal TV and wanted
to make the range as affordable as possible," the actor
wrote alongside a photograph of himself and some
clothes from his range. The
range seems affordable too. “So
would you'll be willing to pay Rs.
999 for a t-shirt like this? Reply
with a yes or no, any other feedback welcome,” Akshay wrote.
With his clothing line, Akshay
has joined the likes of
other tinsel town
celebrities including Salman Khan,
Shraddha Kapoor,
Alia Bhatt and
Sonam Kapoor,
who have ventured
adding their
to fashion collections.
Dog-human bonding
older than thought
London : Dogs may have been
domesticated much earlier than
thought, finds an interesting
study, adding that their special
relationship to humans may go
back 27,000 to 40,000 years. This
debunks earlier genome-based
estimates that suggested that the
ancestors of modern-day dogs
diverged from wolves no more
than 16,000 years ago after the
last Ice Age. The genome from
the wolf from Taimyr Peninsula
in Siberia, which has been radiocarbon dated to 35,000 years ago,
represents the most recent common ancestor of modern wolves
and dogs. "Dogs may have been
domesticated much earlier than
is generally believed," said Love
Dalen from the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The DNA
evidence also shows that modern-day Siberian dogs share an
unusually large number of genes
with the ancient Taimyr wolf. The
researchers made these discoveries based on a small piece of bone
picked up during an expedition
to the Taimyr Peninsula in Siberia. Initially, they did not realise
the bone fragment came from a
wolf at all; this was only determined using a genetic test back
in the laboratory. But wolves are
common on the Taimyr Peninsula, and the bone could have easily
belonged to a modern-day wolf.
How birds avoid collision Food commercials Infections can
with man-made obstacles impact obese teens'
also affect
London : Ever wondered how migratory birds avoid colliding with
man-made structures up in the
air? Social hierarchies, headed by
a well-informed leader, ensure a
smooth flight for these birds that
naturally travel in groups, new research suggests. The social struc-
ture of groups of migratory birds
may have a significant effect on
their vulnerability to avoid collisions with obstacles, particularly wind turbines, the findings
showed. "We wanted to understand
how different social behaviour of
different species would affect the
ability to avoid obstacles, such as
wind turbines and farms, and how
much disruption these obstacles
cause to the group structure," said
lead author Jamie Wood from
the University of York in Britain.
The researchers created a range of
computer simulations to explore if
social hierarchies are beneficial to
navigation, and how collision risk
is affected by environmental conditions and the birds' desire to maintain an efficient direct flight path.
"We all know that birds naturally
migrate in groups. It is less clear
whether this is caused by leaders
and followers, or by simple democratic rules," co-author Jon Pitchford from the University of York
pointed out. "
Salman's Dubsmash video tribute to Shatrughan
Mumbai : The Dubsmash
video bug has now bitten
superstar Salman Khan,
who has paid a tribute of
sorts to veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha. Salman has
made a Dubsmash video
with Shatrughan's daughter Sonakshi Sinha and the
duo has lip-synced a famous
dialogue from the movie
“Mere Apne”, starring the
veteran. The 49-year-old
"Tere Naam" star shared the
video on social networking
website Facebook and micro-blogging website Twitter. "Tribute to Shotgun,"
Salman captioned the video,
which he shared on Friday.
Sonakshi, who has shared
three Dubsmash videos of
herself so far had already
enacted the same dialogue
from "Mere Apne". This was
the second time she enacted
it, but the addition to the
video was her "Dabangg" costar Salman. It is likely that
the video goes viral.
eating habits
New York : Obese children
picture themselves eating
the unhealthy foods shown
on television commercials
which in turn can affect their
real-life eating habits, new research says.
TV food commercials disproportionately stimulate the
brains of overweight teenagers, including the regions that
control pleasure, taste and
the mouth, suggesting they
mentally simulate unhealthy
eating habits, the researchers
said. "This finding suggests
the intriguing possibility that
overweight adolescents mentally simulate eating while
watching food commercials,"
said lead author Kristina
Rapuano, graduate student at
Dartmouth University in the
US. "These brain responses
may demonstrate one factor
whereby unhealthy eating behaviours become reinforced
and turned into habits that
potentially hamper a person's ability lose weight later
in life," Rapuano said. Dieting efforts should not only
target the initial desire to eat
tempting food, but the subsequent thinking about actually
tasting and eating it. Thus,
one should picture himself
munching a salad rather than
a cheeseburger, the study said.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI), the researchers examined brain responses to
two dozen fast food commercials and non-food commercials in overweight and
healthy-weight adolescents
aged 12-16. The brain regions involved in attention
and focus and in processing
rewards were more strongly
active while viewing food
commercials than non-food
commercials. The study appeared in the journal Cerebral Cortex.
your IQ
London : In addition to harming your physical heath, severe
infections of any type can affect
your mental capacity as measured on an intelligence quotient
(IQ) scale, a new research has
found. The researchers found
that infections in the brain affected the cognitive ability the
most, but many other types of
infections severe enough to require hospitalisation can also
impair a patient's cognitive ability. "Our research shows a correlation between hospitalisation
due to infection and impaired
cognition corresponding to an
IQ score of 1.76 lower than the
average," said senior researcher
Michael Eriksen Benros from
the University of Copenhagen,
Denmark. Anyone can suffer
from an infection, for example
in their stomach, urinary tract
or skin and the results of this
study suggests that a patient's
distress does not necessari-
ly end once the infection has
been treated. "It seems that the
immune system itself can affect
the brain to such an extent that
the person's cognitive ability
measured by an IQ test will also
be impaired many years after
the infection has been cured,"
Benros explained. In the largest
study of its type, 190,000 people
in Denmark, born between 1974
and 1994, participated. They had
their IQ assessed between 2006
and 2012. Thirty five percent of
these individuals had a hospital
contact with infections before
the IQ testing was conducted.
People with five or more hospital contacts with infections had
an IQ score of 9.44 lower than
the average. "Infections can affect the brain directly, but also
through peripheral inflammation, which affects the brain and
our mental capacity," Benros
pointed out. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.
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