Jay Raymond


Jay Raymond
Jay Raymond
Virginia Tech
PhD Student
Primary Advisor:
Dr. Thomas Fox
Co-Advisor: Dr. Brian Strahm
Expected Graduation:
May 2015
2014 CAFS Meeting Scholarship Recipient
Hometown: Blacksburg, VA
Research Keywords:
Working title of thesis or dissertation:
The Use of Stable Isotopes to Trace the Fate
of Applied Nitrogen in Forest Plantations to
Evaluate Fertilizer Efficiency and Ecosystem
Topic / Interests:
Our research focuses on improving the understanding of
Nitrogen, fertilizers,15N,
loblolly pine
 Conducting research in
pine plantations across the
southern United States.
 Received an International
applied N cycling through loblolly pine / plantations to
Plant Nutrition Institute
enhance nutrient stewardship and forest productivity. My
Scholar Award in 2013
future career goals and objectives include research
emphasizing the importance of soil nutrition in relation to the
productivity of forested systems.
Previous Education:
M.S., University of Maine, 2011
B.S., Forestry, Minor Soil Science, University of New Hampshire, 1999
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