View RK Technology`s Capabilities Brochure here


View RK Technology`s Capabilities Brochure here
there is affordable
computer assistance
to make life easier for any
computer or systems user,
large or small.
RK Technology
We have I T covere d.
RK Technology provides computer,
software and network solutions designed
to reduce risk and vulnerabilities in your
computer system.
Here’s what RK Technology
can do for you:
 Install necessary protections that will allow you to
detect and prevent potential trouble now and in
the future.
 Make it easier and safer for you and all of your
office staff and associates to maintain and
maximize essential security of transactions.
 Maximize security in all hardware, including
workstations, tablet computers, PDAs, scanners,
modems and more.
 Create a back-up system to prepare for potential
disaster before it happens by protecting all critical
 Maximize data security in all hardware, software
and network components.
 Create and upgrade firewalls to maximize
protection from hackers, intruders and viruses.
 Installing and upgrading anti-virus software.
 Create electronic data encryption for all vital
 Help your practice meet or exceed all security
 Assess your current state of computer security.
 Develop the right hardware, software and network
solutions customized to your computer system to
help you protect your security standards.
Put decades of experience
to work for you.
Entrust your computer’s health
to our team of professionals.
Our dedicated pros know how to handle any computer
or network. From software issues to hardware conflicts
and failures, from installations to creating entire networks,
we can troubleshoot, program, reprogram, optimize and
make your computer do exactly what you want it to do.
Check out this list of just some of the services we can offer you.
Networking Installation,
Troubleshooting and Repair
Whether you have 1 or 100 computers, our experts
can setup your network so you can securely share
your data, printers and Internet access from
anywhere in your home or office.
Secure Remote Access
We can provide you with remote control software
which lets you see and interact between your
computer at home and at work or anywhere else in
the world. It's easy to use and secure.
PC Installation, Upgrade and/or Repair
We can help you setup your new computer and get
you up and running fast. Our techs know how to
upgrade both the software and hardware on your
workstation so you can concentrate on more
important matters. And if your computer is having
troubles, we can diagnose the problem and suggest a
Remote PC Diagnostics
If your computer needs attention immediately, we
can connect to your computer remotely, then diagnose and troubleshoot it, all from our office.
Operating System and Software
We know how daunting maintaining your computer’s
operating systems and software can be. Our
professionals have the knowledge and tools to
complete these these tasks flawlessly and getting you
back to work quickly.
Virus Removal and Protection
Our virus and spyware removal services can clean up
your computer and make it run like it did when you
first got it, while protecting you from future infection.
Protect and Save your Data
RK Technology can backup all your important files
and pictures and show you how you can regularly do
your own backups.
Learn More Online
Visit to discover all the benefits
of entrusting your computer’s health to the
professionals at RK Technology.
Take our 15 Second IT Check-Up...
My computer is getting slower and slower.
I wish I could access documents on
another computer.
I can’t use any printer anywhere in the office.
My computer freezes or locks up.
I am not sure if my virus protection works.
I used to be able to _______, but now I can’t.
If you checked any of these boxes, call us
at (404) 695-0273 to solve that problem!
RK Technology
We have I T c ove re d .
RK Technology wants you to know
these 9 important details concerning your
the security of your computer system.
Computer security is essential in helping to protect
your business from intruders.
All members of your staff must understand the
importance of computer security.
All information system components with proprietary
or essential business information must be cataloged.
Prepare for disaster. A back-up system is vital.
All network and communication safeguards should
function correctly.
Make sure all anti-virus software is kept up-to-date.
Understand when or if encryption is necessary.
Maximize security links to your related business
Tailor a security plan that is the right one for your
For a FREE consultation regarding your
computer’s health call Roger at:
(404) 695-0273 DIRECT
If busy, call: (678) 468-5803
Or send an email to: [email protected]
Always online website at:
RK Technology
We have I T c ove re d .
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