1. Name at least three items that could be considered AT and


1. Name at least three items that could be considered AT and
1. Name at least three items that could be considered AT and describe how those devices
could support a student with a disability in the classroom.
Specialized writing tools- can be used to help a student who may have difficulty with
holding a standard-sized pencil so that writing is less frustrating for them.
Non-slip material- can be placed on a student’s desk to prevent papers and pens from
sliding or rolling off the desk, or to prevent papers from sliding while the student is trying to
write on them.
Planners- can be used to help students stay on task and plan their assignments out.
2. Explain two reasons why it is necessary to consider AT for students with disabilities.
Reason one: Many students with disabilities struggle without AT, which has not been
considered because it doesn’t seem like something they need at their level of
functioning(even though they are struggling).
Reason two: Considering AT for each student who may need it, even if they do not, is part of
giving them the tools they need to be successful.
3. Why is it important to consider both AT devices and services?
Much AT requires some kind of training so that if the devices break down, the teacher or
student knows how to troubleshoot it for a simple fix. So, services, such as training in how
to troubleshoot the device, are needed.
4. Describe three responsibilities of the Implementation Team.
One: Develop a plan to help guide AT implementation
Two: Evaluate whether or not the technology is actually helping the student.
Three: Determine why the technology is not helping the student, if there is no
5. List three outcomes the Implementation Team can determine by evaluating a student’s
assistive technology.
One: The AT is providing adequate support
Two: Additional training is necessary.
Three: A new device should be identified.
6. Imagine you are a seventh-grade general education language arts teacher and a student in
your class has an upcoming IEP meeting. What types of information should you gather
ahead of time to contribute to the discussion of the student’s AT needs? Name at least four.
-Level of functioning
-Area of need
-Use of AT devices and services.
7. During the meeting suggested in the example above, the IEP team recommends AT for the
student. As a general education teacher, describe your role in the AT implementation and
evaluation processes.
As a general education teacher, my role is to actually implement the technology that the
student will need to use to learn and to complete assignments. My role is to find out what
the student will need for my classroom, and to learn whatever I need to about the device to
help the student be successful with it, and then to use it for the student’s benefit.