Keeley Product Price List


Keeley Product Price List
Robert Keeley Mod / Order Form
Please fill out this form and mail it along with your pedal. Make sure to print clearly.
Modified Pedals
International Shipping Charge
BD-2 Phat Switch
Boss CE-2 HI-FI Upgrade
Boss CE-2 Speedy and HI-FI Mod
Modified Pedals Cont.
Wah T-Bypass w/ Vocal Mod & Internal
Volume Trim
Wah LED w/ T-Bypass Mod
Wah LED w/out T-Bypass Mod
Boss MT-2 Twilight Zone
Boss SD-1 Burr Brown w/ Diode Swtich
Boss TR-2
Keeley Custom Products
Keeley Compressor for Repeat Customers
Keeley Compressor
Keeley Java Boost OC44
Keeley Java Boost CV7003
Wah DC Jack w/ Supply Filter
Keeley Katana
Wah External Volume Control
Keeley Fuzz Head
Wah Vintage Yellow Fasel Inductorvvvvv
Keeley Looper
Boss DS-1 Seeing Eye
Wah High Headroom Red Fasel Inductor
Time Machine Boost
Boss DS-1 Ultra
Wah External Bass Control
Time Machine Boost--George Lynch Model
Sparkle Drive OD 9 / OD 808
Wah Fulltone Pot
Framptone Amp Switcher
Rat 3-Way
Wah Bass Toggle Switch
Framptone Amp Switcher w/ George Ls
DC jack for Rat
Wah Dual Fasel Inductors w/toggle
Framptone Amp Switcher -- Three Banger
LED on Vintage Rat
Wah Mello Wah Mod - ALL MODS
Framptone Talk Box
Ibanez Baked TS-9 (white LED)
Wah International Shipping charge
Ibanez Baked TS-9DX (white LED)
Ibanez TS-9 Plus
Ibanez TS-9DX Plus
T-Bypass for TS-9 Pedals w/ Mod Purchase
Pedal Information
Pedal to Modify:
Serial Number:
Special Options:
Modification Cost:
Payment Eclosed:
Payment via PayPal:
PayPal email:
Return Address
Street 2:
General Shipping Information
Mod work takes only 1 – 3 days at the shop. Any
modified pedal you send or purchase from us new
will be done in 1 to 3 days then sent Priority Mail.
Custom work is done on a pre-arranged time
schedule, sometimes weeks to months, depending
on what we are doing. For International Shipping,
you must add $25 USD.
Shipping a pedal for us to Mod? Please include
this letter, which includes a return address, email
and phone number, inside the package. PayPal
is preferred, but we will also take money orders,
checks (made out to Robert Keeley), or cash
with the pedal. Email me for other pay options:
[email protected]
Signature confirmation will not be used unless you
request or if you live in an apartment, etc. We want
it to be safe but also try to reduce the costs of the
mods. Plus, picking up a package from the post office
is not as cool as seeing it on the doorstep!
It will take us about 3 – 4 days to complete your
mod order and to ship it back. Weekends can slow
things down. Sorry, we don’t do Rush or Express
orders. New custom pedals can take 1 – 2 weeks.
Please check the web site’s NEW section for the
latest build dates.
Keeley Electronics
6400 Industrial Blvd. 2nd Floor
Edmond, OK 73034

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