Frank & Helen Rempel Servant Leadership Bursary


Frank & Helen Rempel Servant Leadership Bursary
Frank & Helen Rempel Servant Leadership Bursary
Offered by S3 Enterprises Inc.
2015 Application Form
Deadline to apply is Thursday, April 30th, 2015
Send printed packet to:
S3 Enterprises Inc.
Attn: Leann
Box 39, Swift Current, SK, S9H 3V5
Send electronic packet in pdf format to:
[email protected]
Personal Information:
Name: ____________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________
Post-Secondary Program Information:
Institute Name: ______________________________ Location: _________________________
Program of Study: _____________________________________________________________
Questionnaire: (Answers may be hand-written or typed, please attach them to this cover page)
1. What does integrity mean to you and give an example of how you show integrity.
2. What is your definition of leadership and who would you list as an example of a good leader?
3. What virtues or qualities of character distinguish you?
4. What strengths and resources do you have and how do you use them?
5. Give an example of a difficult decision that you have made recently and how you came to that
Information to be Included:
 A copy of your most recent transcripts
 A sample of your best work
 Character reference letters – at least two
All applicants will receive a call from S3 indicating the receipt of their application and whether or
not they have been selected for an interview.
A copy of this application form is available online at