Bruce Gilden - Magnum Photos Commercial


Bruce Gilden - Magnum Photos Commercial
Bruce Gilden
American, b. 1946
Bruce Gilden’s childhood in Brooklyn endowed him with a keen eye for observing
urban behaviors and customs. He studied
sociology, but his interest in photography
grew when he saw Michelangelo Antonioni’s
film Blow-Up, after which he began taking
night classes in photography at the New York
School of Visual Arts.
Gilden’s curiosity about strong characters and
individual peculiarities has been present from
the beginning of his career. His first major project, which he worked on until 1986, focused
on Coney Island, and on the intimacy of the
sensual, fat or skinny bodies sprawled across
the legendary New York beach. During these
early years Gilden also photographed in New
Orleans during its famous Mardi Gras festival.
In June 1998 Gilden joined Magnum. He returned to his roots specifically the streets of
New York City, where he had been working
since 1981. His work culminated in the publication of Facing New York (1992), and later
A Beautiful Catastrophe (2005); getting ever
closer to his subject, he established an expressive and theatrical style that presented
the world as a vast comedy of manners.
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