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We work closely with other industry leaders to enhance
our offering of specialized services and collaborative
development and design.
Chairman’s Message
agnum combines experience with innovation to meet today’s
extraordinary challenges. With the globalization of the metals and energy industries, we provide engineering, manufacturing, R&D, sales and training services on five continents. Through our
resources in Canada, USA, Europe, China and India, we enrich, complement and learn from each other to give our clients a clear market
Magnum applies an international exchange of talent, engineering knowhow, design, technology and procurement to offer the best services at
the best prices. I salute the diverse members of our team whose
achievements have helped make us one of the world’s leading valueengineered solution providers. Magnum’s dedicated staff work hard to
maintain our traditions of innovation and excellence. We pride ourselves in hiring the best and brightest talent in the industry, offering
opportunity and encouraging creativity. Magnum employees represent
the core of our success.
We continuously identify cost initiatives with specific targets to improve
our productivity and flexibility. We reinvest these savings into our products and services to fuel further growth. At Magnum we believe in
transparency and ethical business practices. We work towards achieving the set goals and bottom line through positive and sustainable
change promoting a proactive governance culture within our global network.
Andre Nazarian, P. Eng., MSc.
Dedication to safety and service, as well as quality
products and workmanship are the critical elements of
the philosophy leading our company onto the future.
Company Profile
agnum Integrated Technologies Inc. is a premier multi-divisional, multi-national corporation with
over 100 years of product and technology experience. It is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Magnum has grown over the last century by
bringing together recognized and leading brand names in the primary metals and hydroelectric industries.
Our Divisions are involved in quality design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of custom equipment and turnkey plants. Success in the metals industry requires a careful integration of process and
equipment technologies with single-source project responsibility. From conception to completion, Magnum
offers a full range of planning, engineering, procurement and project management services to meet our
clients’ unique requirements. Our expertise encompasses process knowledge, controls and automation,
equipment design and construction, as well as installation and turnkey commissioning for ferrous, non-ferrous and power industries around the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom-engineered products and services worldwide, incorporating international best practices to ensure customer satisfaction. We aim for zero defects and 100% on-time delivery. Our renewed strategic direction, sharpened
focus on clients, revenue growth and cost management enable us to provide top returns.
Anker Holth Products include:
Mill Duty Cylinders, High-Pressure Cylinders,
Rotating Cylinders, Non-Ferrous D.C. Casting Cylinders,
Torpedo Cylinders, Tie-Rod Cylinders,
AGC Cylinders and Spares
Anker Holth ™
ver the past 80 years Anker-Holth™ has developed a world-wide reputation as an ISO-certified
major producer of heavy-duty, precision-machined, unique air and hydraulic cylinders and systems. Our specialties include the design and manufacture of a full line of both standard and
metric mill-type and tie-rod cylinders, as well as unique and often extremely large specialty cylinders and
shock absorbers for all kinds of industries, from rolling mills to hydroelectric projects.
At Anker-Holth, our products are often imitated but never duplicated. We offer the widest selection of
standard models, simplified maintenance, all mounting types, extremely large bores and strokes, built to
J.I.C. specifications, worldwide engineering services, immediate delivery of stock sizes. We have state-ofthe-art facilities to engineer any cylinder, actuator or system application falling outside of the standard
Anker-Holth cylinders are used to actuate extremely large dam gates, material-handling and mining equipment on tunnel boring and offshore drilling rigs applications in the primary metals industry, on presses
and shears, and in many other fields.
At Anker-Holth we meet your hydraulic needs with a complete service for hydraulic actuation. We do so by
offering custom designed hydraulic power units and control systems that will control movement within the
tightest tolerance demanded from today’s systems.
Perf ormance
Hill Acme ™
or over 100 years Hill Acme grinders and polishing lines have been recognized around the world
for their dependability, rigidity and trouble-free performance.
Hill Acme abrasive belt coil grinding and polishing systems are designed for corrective grinding and/or
finishing applications, grinding “dry” or with a flood of coolant on ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. Standard
or custom-designed systems, with single or multiple head, one or two sided simultaneous operation, and
reversing or non-reversing line direction can be provided.
Ancillary equipment such as grinding coolant filtration, coolant recovery devices, mist collection systems,
sound abatement units, etc., can be applied according to your applications. For more than 80 years, solid
construction, simple operation, low maintenance, and equipment incorporating the latest technological
advances have created a world wide enthusiastic acceptance of Hill Acme equipment.
Hill Acme is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Coil Grinders, Sheet Grinders, Pinch Roll
Grinders, Metalworkers and Shears. For more than 60 years, durably constructed, simple-operation and
low-maintenance equipment incorporating the latest technological advances have created a worldwide
enthusiastic acceptance of Hill Acme patented equipment.
In 2002 Hill Acme, previously part of Hill-Loma, Inc., became a division of Magnum Integrated
Technologies. With this new access to technology and experience, Hill Acme is in a position to
offer the most pertinent technological advancements at the most economical prices in the industry.
Hill Acme Products Include:
Heavy-Duty Abrasive Belt Grinders, Polishing, Buffing and Brushing Machines
Systems for Sheet, Plate or Coil (up to 120" wide)
Stainless Steel Coil Grinding and Polishing Lines
Hydraulic or Mechanical Pivot Shears for Bar Stock, Rebar Shears
Automated High Production Bar Handling and Billet Shearing Systems
Single-End Hydraulic Punches (up to 155 tons)
Hot Upset Forging Machines
Automatic Ball Forging Machines
Brass Bar Peeling Machine Systems
Loma Products Include:
Semi-Continuous Casting Systems,
Fully-continuous Casting Systems,
Circular Tilt Arm Saws, Sliding Saws,
Stretcher, Mold and Tooling,
Material Handling.
Loma Machine ™
oma offers complete non-ferrous casting systems engineered to meet specific process needs.
Our optimized design delivers increased casting yields of fine grain structure with excellent
surface quality.
“Easycast” mold technology for semi-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals yields higher quality
products at reduced costs, with reduced casting times and less scrap. Safety is improved through our
advanced automation control systems.
W ith Loma automation, one operator can control high volume continuous production of copper, brass
or magnesium billets, T-bars or slabs. Single or multiple strand arrangements can be tailored to meet
customer’s specific capacity needs.
Loma has designed and installed a wide range of non-ferrous casting and sawing equipment throughout the world. We offer a complete line of material-handling equipment to complement our casters and
saws. Loading tables are easily integrated with feed conveyors for smooth, controlled stock movement. Crop and butt ends are easily discharged with handling devices to send the scrap to remelt. A
wide variety of ancillary equipment including inspection devices are also available upon request.
Loma Tilting Saws can be supplied for light metal or heavy metal billet cutting applications. Loma’s
Sliding Saw Systems are designed and built for high-speed, continuous slab cutting operation.
SCADA, DCS Systems, PLC Systems,
HMI & MMI Systems, Electrical & Mechanical Design,
Project Management, Computer Systems & Controls
Software Development.
Magnum Logix ™
agnum Logix is a technology leader in the industrial control market. We offer the latest
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), operator interfaces and software for a single-source
control solution for projects such as water control, casting systems, rolling mills, machine
tools, manufacturing systems, packaging, robotics and automotive applications. We also offer strong
client support and value-added solutions.
Experience is Magnum Logix’s greatest asset. Our talented staff includes Power and Control Systems
Engineers specializing in process instrumentation, P&ID development, control valve selection, humanmachine interface and PLC’s for continuous and batch systems. Our seasoned Project Managers, CAD
Design Personnel, and Electrical Engineers have proven expertise in electrical process engineering,
machine design, automation and hydraulic operating systems.
Magnum Logix provides custom-programmed or off-the-shelf software and hardware solutions for automated process terminals, operator interfaces and workstations. Our panel fabrication department can
service all your design/build needs.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) are an integral part of the modernization of
old equipment and facilities requiring centralized control. Magnum Logix has extensive experience
working with consultants and end users. We are an integrator for FactoryLink, RSView, Fix MDACs and
Citect SCADA packages.
United Minds, Visible Results
agnum is large enough to meet your needs effectively and efficiently, yet small enough
to enable you to receive the personal, responsive attention you deserve. Each of our
manufacturing facilities operates independently, with local management.
Magnum has dedicated programs for employee training and team building. We have a highly-skilled
work force, including engineers, computer technicians and designers who are dedicated to meet the
needs of our customers. Our reputation for responsive turnaround times, high manufacturing standards, efficiency, innovation and dedicated service has been earned because of our employees.
They consistently meet or exceed the service expectations of our customers.
Magnum sales offices throughout the world have a reputation for working in partnership with each of
our customers to ensure their specific needs are met. Hands-on management, ongoing training, and
team building ensure the very highest quality standards are maintained and exceeded. The latest
computer technology and manufacturing processes are combined with experience and skill in order
to deliver perfect solutions.
Our success is based on the world-class expertise of our
team. The ability to pool our wealth of knowledge and
provide comprehensive solutions for our clients has made
us one of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing firms.
Waterbury Farrel ®
ince 1851, Waterbury Farrel Mills and Automatic Gauge Control Systems have been repeatedly
commissioned throughout five continents and have yielded top-quality finished metal products.
Today, over 650 Waterbury Farrel installations produce the finest end products in the world...more
than any other manufacturer of Cold Rolling Mills. Waterbury Farrel offers a complete line of cold rolling
mills, together with material-handling equipment, HAGC cylinders, thermal covers, down coilers and
work roll side-shifting systems.
Designed for hot or cold rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, these 2-high mills are ideal for breakdown, rundown, tempering and skin pass operations. All mills are built to customer specifications, and
are furnished with rolls of forged steel, cast steel or chilled cast alloy iron to meet application requirements. We have complete lines of accessories for both new and existing mills.
These mills may be converted for either 2-High/ 4-High or 4-High/ 6-High operation by the removal or
insertion of work rolls. This permits great versatility of rolling capability on the same mill. When production requirements are relatively small, a single mill of this type can be used for breakdown, rundown and
finish rolling.
4-High Mills may be used as Non-Reversing Mills for intermediate rolling and as Reversing Mills for finish rolling. The smaller rolls reduce the thickness of the metal being rolled more easily and with much
less pressure than the large rolls of a 2-High Mill. This decreased pressure reduces the roll bending and
separating forces and permits the rolling of wider and thinner materials with a more uniform gauge.
A combination offering advantages and options These Mills provide improved flatness due to their
workroll bending mechanism and intermediate roll adjustment in an axial direction. Their main advantages are improved shape of rolled strip, increased reductions and greater rolling efficiency. 6-High Mills
can replace the first stand of Tandem 4-High Mills due to their smaller work rolls. This would result in
fewer stands, allowing the Mills to accept thicker hot-rolled strip.
These cluster-type mills are the most flexible and powerful of their kind. They are used to roll
both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are designed to make heavy reductions at high
speeds. The roll cluster contains 12 rolls and 8 backing bearing assemblies. Four of the intermediate rolls are driven.
200 Sendzimir Mill installations worldwide
Mill speeds up to 3500 fpm (1067 m/min)
Design firsts such as As-U-Roll Crown Control
Magnum Power ™
agnum Power has designed and built some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated
hydraulic actuators and control systems for numerous projects within the hydroelectric industry.
These include hydraulic actuators of up to 60 inches in diameter with strokes in excess of 60
feet and telescoping cylinders for numerous projects around the world. Magnum Power also develops,
designs and manufactures complete gate actuation systems.
Manufacturing engineers and precision machinists work side by side to keep our hydroelectric actuators
and controls on the leading edge of technology. While Anker-Holth is best known for Mill-Duty Cylinders,
the vast majority of the cylinders built are custom engineered and built for rigorous customer specifications
for a variety of industries. Magnum Power has extensive experience in designing components and equipment for extended life, physical abuse, and reliability under harsh conditions. We provide the best products
and services to help our clients meet their unique needs.
Power Units and Cylinders for Taintor Gates, Radial
Gates, Sluices Gates, Weir Gates,
Ceramic Rod Coating Cylinders
We pride ourselves on our reputation as a first-class
supplier, achieving leading market share. Our serivces
are second to none.
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