Carewest Royal Park


Carewest Royal Park
Carewest Royal Park
4222 Sarcee Road S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7J8
Ph: 403-240-7475
Summary of Site and Services
Carewest Royal Park opened its doors to the Calgary community in 1998 and offers long-term care programs and
services for 50 residents with complex care needs over the age of 65.
Medically Complex Care
For medically complex residents
whose care needs cannot be met in
a Supportive Living environment and
who require professional nursing care.
Their primary diagnosis is medical and
may have a secondary diagnosis of
cognitive impairment.
50 beds
Therapy Services
Activities can be organized on a
regular basis to enhance well‐being
and respond to physical, emotional,
intellectual, spiritual, cultural and
sensory needs.
Building Amenities
Amenities at Royal Park include a
gift shop, chapel, large dining area
designed to encourage social interaction, and lounge area.
Meal Services
Carewest Food Services strives to
create and serve healthy, nutritious
meals with friendly service in a relaxed environment. Most special dietary requirements can be met and
we welcome feedback from clients
and families.
All our private suites come equipped
with a three‐piece ensuite. Each suite is
tastefully decorated and furnished with
a bed, small nightstand, kitchenette
and wardrobe/closet. Royal Park is a
completely smoke‐free environment.
All admissions are made through
Transition Services. If you are a Home
Care client, request assessment from
your Home Care Coordinator by calling 943-1600. If you aren’t a Home
Care client, please phone 943-1920
for an assessment for Home Care.