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Agent Portal Job Aid - CSAA Insurance Group
Agent Portal Job Aid
Forms & Documents
The same forms and documents that are available in Agent Intranet are now available in Agent Portal. Below are some
additional details about the feature and some tips to help you along the way.
Forms & Documents has been added to the Agent Portal header making it accessible from any page within
Agent Portal.
The total number of forms and documents available to you will display at the top of the section.
There are icons next to each form to designate which insurance product it applies to
The page will display 15 forms and documents at a time. To load more, simply scroll down the page and select
the “show more” button which will bring in 15 more results. You can continue to hit that button until all results
are displayed on the screen.
The forms are sorted based on the following order:
1. Form name
2. State (for multi-state users)
3. Insurance product: Auto, Home,
Dwelling Fire, etc. then
4. Document type: Common Forms,
Endorsements, FAQ, Underwriting
Manuals and User Guides
Filter Feature
Similar to policy and quote search, there are options on the left side of the screen to narrow down the
documents displayed on the screen. You can filter the view by:
o Product: Auto, Dwelling Fire, Home, PUP, etc.
o Document type: Common Forms, Endorsements, FAQ, Underwriting Manuals and User Guides
o State: if you are a multi-state user
The number of each document is listed in parentheses next to the filter option.
To remove the filter, you can either uncheck the box that you originally selected on the left of the screen or click
the X next to the filtered criteria at the top of the list.
Tip: When you select a filter from the Document Type area, the products that this applies to will automatically
be selected. If you remove the filter on the document type, the product filters will remain in place. You can
manually uncheck those based on your needs.
Tip: any filters that are applied to the document area will remain in place until the browser is closed. This makes
it easy to come back to the forms and documents and locate the previous form you were looking for.
Sorting the Forms & Documents
You can sort the forms by clicking on the column headings: Product, Date or State (for multi-state users).
Clicking the column name once, will sort them in ascending order and clicking it again will sort them in
descending order.
Tip: Looking for Auto documents, click the Product column name once. Looking for watercraft forms? Click the
Product column name twice.
Tip: Each time the sort order is changed, the screen will display 15 results at a time, even if this had previously
been expanded to show more.