DIFF Official POSTER 2015 Entry Rules


DIFF Official POSTER 2015 Entry Rules
DIFF Official 2015 Entry Rules
Poster Category
Note: There are TWO Categories for the poster submission: One for
Elementary and One for Secondary
Film Posters can be made about either a completely fictitious movie (one that doesn't
exist) or about a DIFF submission. This second option will allow students to make movie
posters about their own or their friends’ movie. Posters must be made of completely
original ideas and images.
Rules and Criteria: Must be formatted in 8” by 10” ratio at 300 dpi. Judging will be
based on the quality of the image, the design concept and the overall visual impact.
Eligibility Criteria
Student posters are those that are created, designed, planned and technically
executed entirely by students. The involvement of parents, teachers and
professionals is limited to noncreative roles (e.g., technical advice, funding).
Only students from Delta Schools are eligible. For mixed grade students, entry
level is determined by the highest grade of all students involved with the poster.
Non-students may be used as models/characters.
Posters must have been completed within the current school year.
We are accepting 3 entries from each elementary school and 3 entries from each
Each entry must be certified by a classroom teacher as being the work of the
Technical Requirements
• Posters must be submitted as either a j.peg or a PDF file to:
[email protected] no later than May 15 at 4 p.m. The Delta Interschool
Film Festival will keep all copies. By entering the festival, you are granting DIFF
non-exclusive rights to retain an archive copy of your production for the non-profit
purposes of exhibition, promotion and education. All entries may be used on a
compilation video made available at cost to media arts educators to use for
educational purposes
Entry Deadlines
All entries must be received by May 15, 2015 at 4:00 pm, complete with media and
entry form. No late submissions will be accepted. If you miss the deadline, you may be
able to submit next year.
Film Categories
Suggestions for entries:
Science Fiction
Social Consideration: Social consideration informs a part of the adjudication process.
Posters must not promote violence, illegal activities, bullying or hatred of another group.
An award will be made for both Elementary and Secondary winners (one for each) and
handed out at the Gala Awards Night at Burnsview Secondary on June 3, 2015, 7 p.m.. All
entrants are invited to attend.
Copyright Warnings
Because the criteria for these posters state that all images must be original, there are no
copyright rules. Any images used from non-original sources will be disqualified.
Poster Entry Form
Please submit a ONE-page double-sided entry form for each entry.
Send Your Entries to:
Neil Stephenson, Delta Manor Education Centre, by May 14, 2015.
Title of Poster (Print clearly!)
School Name: ______________________________________________________
Poster Artist Credits (Please print clearly)
Name 1:________________________________ Grade: ________ Role: _________________________
Name 2:________________________________ Grade: ________ Role: _________________________
Name 3:________________________________ Grade: ________ Role: _________________________
Name 4:________________________________ Grade: ________ Role: _________________________
Contact Information
School Name: __________________________________Phone: ____________ Fax: ______________
Teacher Sponsor Name:____________________________
School Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Do you have:
Poster in correct format (jpeg or PDF) of all school entries.
Individual posters submissions labeled and cover labeled with title, school, filmmakers’ names,
entry category.
Entry form filled out completely and legibly.
Signed authorization from sponsor teacher.
Sponsor Teacher Declaration :
I have checked the copyright information and confirm it is correct: ___Y ___N
This video has language and/or visuals which could be offensive to some viewers:
____ Yes ____ No (screening)
I confirm that I have parent/student permission to publish student images in this
production on the web and/or in news releases: ____ Yes ____ No
Sponsor Teacher Signature_______________________________________