Jennifer (Falknor) Hinders


Jennifer (Falknor) Hinders
Catching up with…
Let me tell you about my kids
Whereabouts do you live?
How have you made a living
through the years?
Describe the things you do
that bring joy to your life
What's the weirdest job you've
ever had?
What's the wildest thing you
ever did in school?
Which teacher would you love
to see again... why?
What was that first car and
why was it so special?
What happened to your first
What about you would
surprise everyone?
What is your fondest memory
of high school days?
You get one do-over... what
would you do differently?
How do you hope old friends
will remember you?
Married for 27 years to David Hinders
We have six children-one daughter, and five boys. Our
daughter is married and due with our first grandchild in June.
We live in Fairfax, Virginia. Just 20 miles from Washington,
DC. Come visit us! It's a fun city.
I taught school for three years in Sarasota, Flordia then
moved overseas for seven years. While in Israel and Lebanon
I taught ESL classes. After returning to the States, I
became a stay at home mom homeschooling our six
children...still doing that. Whew!
I enjoy hanging with my family and friends. I love the beach!!
We go every summer for a week. I enjoy reading. Writing is
also a hobby.
Weirdest jobs, huh? Okay,picking olives in Lebanon. Can't eat
them off the tree, ya know.
Not sure..guess I was a pretty unwild sort of individual....
My English teacher, Mr. Devor, was a great inspiration so
perhaps I'd like to say thanks...
Carmengia White car to drive.
Don't know...
Not sure, not too much to tell...just plain ole me.
Friendships-lots of great people in Greenville
Not sure...know that I would think about important things
more-like God and life..
I hope that my friends remember that I accepted them and
sought to be loyal to them.