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Making Martial Arts History - For the most part, I believe that we are all inclined to try to blaze a new
trail for others to follow. We are driven to leave our mark in the world somehow, whether through action, the
written word, legend, or at least in the memories of those whose lives we touch. Of those who seek to find the
new, only a handful is able to create something so meaningful that it simply cannot be ignored, categorized or forgotten. These are the luminaries of the time.
The World of Martial Arts is no different in this respect. In this realm, luminaries come around once in a lifetime,
true teachers that kick the slow evolution of the traditional Martial Arts into high gear, sparking mutations that forever change our movement, our philosophy, and, hopefully, our understanding. Teachers like Morihei Ueshiba, Ed
Parker, and Bruce Lee revolutionized the arts and galvanized entire movements of faithful practitioners and disciples
all fiercely loyal to their founding fathers in the ways they best see fit.
Unfortunately, sometimes the arts suffer under the weight of the defense of so many, when the view points
are so vast and varied; and, because the founders have passed on from our world, they are viewpoints that can
never be truly resolved for no other reason than the Instructors with the answers are not here to settle them.
Still, our Instructors did not leave us empty handed. They left behind a wealth of knowledge, in their writings,
notes, journals, videos, interviews, and blood, sweat and tears on the mat, free for us to assimilate, analyze, interpret and apply to the best of our abilities. We have but to seek out the answers to find them. The question is,
how many of us still seek to answer the questions?
The Secret Back Fist - Many of the Martial Arts we practice today house numerous factions, associations,
and federations, all of whom believe and insist that they alone have the secrets of the founders, that only they can
truly convey the meanings and teachings of the art as they were meant to be learned. The unfortunate result is
infighting within the art itself. That staunch loyalty to the style simply becomes the means by which the student is
kept from discovering for him or herself the path the founders laid out. Often, those very students get caught in
the cross-fire of a feudal society within the Art that can end in resentment and eventually abandonment of the
We can thank, in large part, the dark shadow of business marketing that looms over any dojo that hopes to
make a decent living, for this Curse of the Secret Back Fist. Let’s face it, as
a wise, not-so-old Instructor of mine once said, “Money might not buy happiness, but poverty doesn’t pay your bills, and if you want to train, you have
to eat.” Economics are, in part, at the root of many of the disagreements
between styles of the same art that we see today. How? A dojo that wants
to keep its doors open needs to drive new students to its mat, so that, as
some students leave, the spot is immediately filled by a new, paying member. But, with so many options available to a new or prospective student,
each dojo has to find a way to shine and stand out from the crowd. And
there you have it, The Secret Back Fist. It really is that simple.
Is This What the Founders Wanted? - As students, we must maintain a discerning eye. We must be willing to ask ourselves: Is this really
what the art is about? Is this really what the Founder wanted me to learn?
Is this really what he foresaw or hoped his art would become?
I cannot personally imagine Sijo Lee or O’Sensei, both of whom worked
throughout their lives to birth philosophies that were uniting and open, would
have wanted their teachings to become fragmented, sectionalized, and, in
some cases, stagnant under the weight of “Tradition.” I believe that they’d
hoped the arts would continue to evolve in their absence, in harmony. Evolution is sometimes a messy endeavor
to which many feuds can be attributed as well; however, in some cases, it seems as though the disagreements
are less about the course the art should take and more about the person guiding a particular path.
Every Day on the Mat Makes History - Both Sijo and O’Sensei started as students somewhere. Every time
they set foot on a mat, a little piece of the history behind their arts was written. Sijo’s very first Pak Sao as a
student of Wing Chun under Yip Man in 1954, O’Sensei’s first throw as a Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu student under
Takeda Sensei, founder of that system, in 1915, these were moments that became history. They were the launching
pad for arts that transformed the world of Martial Arts as a whole, but it all started with one student, one day, on
a training mat at a dojo, just like so many others.
What do I mean to say with all of this? While innovators like Lee, Takeda, Parker, and Ueshiba are one in a million, every day that we, as students, train, every step we take on the mat, every time we speak about our styles,
our philosophies, our movements, our instructors, and our heroes, we have the opportunity to write a little piece
of the history of Martial Arts. When we dispute the merits or faults of one style over another, we may be influencing
a future leader, or even ourselves. When we bicker over who has the right or the means or truth to carry on the
tradition of the art, we risk its evolution, its mutation, its ability to become more than we can imagine and actually
blossom into that which its Founding Father or Mother knew it would become.
We must be watchful, always, of our words and actions on and off the training floor, because every day we
practice our art, each time we apply a principle or uncover a new aspect of its philosophy, anytime we pass on the
knowledge we have gathered from our Instructors and experience, we make Martial Arts History.
In Health,
Liz Fitzgerald, Editor
Welcome to our first edition of Dragon Style Magazine.
This issue is a recap of all of the amazing events and accomplishments of 2012.
2012 had all of the characteristics of a typical Dragon
Year, filled with swift changes and brand new beginnings.
It also marked the birth of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association.
The Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association was created to preserve and perpetuate the martial arts, functional fitness, and
life philosophies of our founder Bruce Lee. Our members
study and train diligently. JKD Athletic Association members
are dedicated to providing top quality instruction in the Art
and Science of Jeet Kune Do and the Functional Fitness
and Attribute Development system of Action Strength.
2012 was a very successful year for the US. We
launched our official curriculum, weekly group classes and
phone consultations, weekend intensive training sessions,
individual yearly training plans, public seminars, and now,
finally, our website(www.jkdathletics.com).
I would like to share some of the most memorable mo-
ments of 2012 with you.
We started 2012 off with a bang. In February
first public JKDAA seminar in El Campo, Tex
Pratka and Beverly Holik were great hosts, with
students, and their lodge is absolutely amazing
forward to our official 2013 Texas JKDAA Re
Campo Texas from March 22-24. There will b
JKD and SPECOPS Kali Certification at this ev
In the first week of March, we headed to S
Florida. For a week of great training at Sgt. J
and Leigh Garczynski’s Progressive Self Defens
in Boca Raton, Florida. After a great weekend
with participants from all across Florida, we ha
of working with West Palm Beach SWAT. Gavin
Darrell Burton and Hector Solis made the trip
from California to help put on a fantastic semin
John Riddle and Leigh Garczynski will be hos
ficial JKDAA East Coast Retreat. May 31-Jun
This will be the first retreat in which there will
and OC Pepper Spray Instructor Certification
Military JKD and SPECOPS Kali Certification.
In April 2012 Officer Darrell Burton and I atten
ternational Law Enforcement Educator’s and T
sociation convention, to present our annual “J
and Police Officers”, an eight hour certificat
Gavin Garringer also made the trip to help us as
course. In 2013 we will be back in Chicago, Illin
Straight year. ILEETA runs from April 15-20, 2
In the last week of June 2012, we kicked off o
JKD Athletic Association Weekend Intensive Tr
sions for members only. This event was once a
by John and Leigh from Boca Raton, Florida.
by my side, the entire south Florida(Julio, A
Cat)crew together, along with the good old boys
gia(Jason, Kyle, Mike), and a few select studen
we had an intensive weekend of training in Jun
Fu, JKD, and Kali. How can you forget the bea
beaches and tropical atmosphere. South Flor
second home to me.
July and August 2012 were very busy months f
letic Association.
Hector Solis traveled to Chile and to Mexico
public and military seminars. He has been inst
spreading JKD and Kali to South America.
John Riddle and I traveled to Virginia to prese
lice and LEO JKD” Certification for Law Enfo
Team One Network. This event was very succ
after being selected by Team One Network, we
forward to working with them in 2013.
We also traveled to Maryland, to a Secret loca
with some of our nations finest Agents and
These Agents are responsible for the protection
ident and dignitaries across the globe. John Ri
Garringer, and Hector Solis made this trip a succ
ing operation.
we had our
xas. Clay
h honorable
g. Looking
etreat, in El,
be a Military
unny South
John Riddle
se Systems,
d of training
d the honor
n Garringer,
all the way
sting our ofne 3, 2013.
be an ASP
, along with
nded the InTrainers AsKD for LEO
ion course.
ssist with the
ois for a 3rd
our very first
raining Sesgain hosted
With Gavin
Alfred, Liz &
s from Geornts of John’s
n Fan Gung
autiful sandy
ida is like a
Sifu Singh Delivers a Ted Talk
on The Secret to
Quieting the Mind
In the end of August 2012, I had an opportunity of a Lifetime to give a Ted Talk, at TedX Sacramento. The topic of
the keynote speech was “Thought Catching - The 5 Minute
Secret to Empty Your Mind and Raise your Performance
Levels”. This was an extraordinary opportunity to spread
some of Brue Lee’s concepts of “Being Like Water” and “Living in the Present Moment”. It was truly amazing to watch
a crowd of 300 people meditate and quiet their minds together.
At the end of September, we held our first Warriors Way
Retreat in Hawaii. The Warriors Way Retreat was designed
to infuse martial arts, meditation, and island adventures into
one big vacation. It was amazing to watch people conquer
their fears, and live in the present moment, while taking in
all of the beauty of the island. The most memorable moments came just hanging out with each other and getting to
know one another. A big thanks to Anshu, John, Leigh,
Gaby, Javier, Ranil, and Gavin for making this a wonderful
trip. Without my friend and amazing Hawaiian Guide
Kapena Kahapea, we would not have had a chance to get
such a majestic experience with the Island.
In October 2012 we launched our very first Action
Strength Level 1 certification. We were back to our favorite
place in Boca Raton, with John and Leigh. With over 20
participants everyone came prepared to train hard for 24
hours over 3 days. The participants not only were tested
on their technical knowledge, but were also pushed to their
physical limits with 3 workouts a day. We saw people compete in the optional Gama Challenge. The Gama Challenge
is 500 Dands(Indian Push-Up) and 1000 Bhetaks(Indian
Squat) in 30 minutes. The following individuals passed the
Gama Challenge :
Nick Ellis, Clay Pratka, Gunnar Nelson, Herschell Patel,
Kyle McGahee, Jason Herrera.
Nick Ellis and Brian Olson attempted and completed The
Kettlebell Challenge. Which is 100 Snatches with a 53lbs
Kettlebell in 5 minutes. Congrats to all of you that were certified as Level One Instructors. A special mention goes to
Nick Ellis for receiving his Level Two. A big congratulations
to two of the guys that have been with me since the start of
Action Strength. Gavin Garringer and Brian Olson for being
promoted to Action Strength Level Three Instructors.
for JKD Ath-
o to conduct
trumental in
ent our “Poorcement to
cessful, and
are looking
ation to work
of our Presiddle, Gavin
cessful train-
September 2012 started off with a bang. We had our first
Guest Instructor, Prof. Marcel Louzado conduct a private
training session for our JKDAA members in Orange County,
California. A big thanks to Gavin Garringer for hosting and
making it a memorable weekend. Marcel shared some of
his grappling strategies and tactics that made him a 3x
World BJJ Champion. I had a great time with the Southern
California crew(Brian, Herschell, Josh, Big Josh, & Austin),
Nick Ellis for flying in from Washington, and the Georgia
boys(Kyle & Mike for making the trip).
Derek Sierra Wins – Naga
PanAm Grappling Championship
In November 2012 we headed North to Calgary, Canada.
Jay Cooper and his gang hosted an amazing seminar over
3 days. On Friday Night Jay Cooper got everyone ready
with a great presentation on street combat tactics. After the
crowd was thoroughly warmed up with Jay, John Riddle our
special guest instructor took over. John gave an inspiring
presentation covering Krav Maga Tactics and the science
of Situational Awareness. Saturday and Sunday were filled
with great training in JKD, Kali and Tai-Chi. Leigh Garczynski and Kirk Weicht flew all the way to Calgary for this event.
Jay Cooper and Calgary JKD will be hosting the 2013 Canadian JKDAA Retreat. This 3 day event, July 12-14, will take
place the same week as the World Famous Calgary Stampede. There will be a Military JKD and SPECOPS Kali Cer-
tification at this event.
In December we had an amazing Weekend Intensive
Training in Jun Fan Gung-Fu and JKD Street Fighting. Big
thanks to Proj. Hundon for hosting us in San Francisco. The
good old boys(Kyle and Mike) flew out for this event from
India and Blitz Magazine in Australia. The Pro
apply locking and controlling tactics out of boxin
and movement is second to none. We are ve
have the Prof. as our Locking and Control Tacti
I would also like to recognize some very special accomplishments in 2012 by some of our JKD Athletic Association
Congratulations to Sgt. John
Riddle for winning 2012 Black
Belt Instructor of the Year
In October I was so proud of my good friend and Law Enforcement Advisor Sgt. John Riddle from Boca Raton,
Florida. John was awarded the 2012 Black Belt Magazine’s
Instructor of the Year. This is one of the highest honors a
Martial Artist can receive. John has dedicated his life to the
martial arts, self defense and self preservation. Just as impressive as his years of training and life experiences, is his
teaching ability and connection with his students.
Prof. Hundon shares Small Circle
Jiu-Jitsu History in Blitz and Karate
Times Magazine
I was very happy to see my good friend Prof. James Hundon’s article on his relationship with Prof. Wally Jay and
Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu get picked up by two major international publications. It was published by Karate Times in
Julio Anta was given proclamations from the C
and Miami-Dade County for The Anti-Bullying
developed based on Bruce Lee’s teachings. T
is called the “Art of Fighting without Fighting™”
his team taught this program to their commun
workshops. Julio was also a guest on 10 TV S
radio stations in 2012, presenting topics on a
self defense, and Jeet Kune Do.
of. ability to
ng, trapping
ery lucky to
ics Advisor.
City of Doral
program he
he program
”. Julio and
nity via free
hows and 2
Liz and Cat Fitzgerald were named Presenter/Program of
the Year 2012 by Tracey Mourning Wilson’s Honey Shine
organization for their ASSERT Program. Tracy Mourning
is the wife of famous NBA Basketball Star Alonzo Mourning.
Liz and Cat do a lot of charitable work with many different
groups from foster kids, to the Girl Scouts, to helping pregnant teens, and several groups of previously victimized
men, women, and children.
Well that wraps it up for the first Issue of Dragon Style
Magazine. We had a great 2012, and 2013 is poised to be
even better. Dragon Style Magazine will be a platform for
JKD Athletic Association Members to write articles, promote
events, and share knowledge. In our next issue you will see
articles on many different topics on the martial arts. The
topics will cover everything from teaching, training, marketing, and business development. Our members have so
much unique knowledge, the goal of Dragon Style is to
share this knowledge, so that we may all grow as a team.
Last but absolutely not least. A very big thank you and
round of applause for Liz Fitzgerald. Liz has volunteered
her time and knowledge in the Media and Magazine Editing
Business to make Dragon Style a Success.
In Strength,
Sifu Harinder Singh
Featured Article
DATELINE: Spanish River Park,
Boca Raton, Florida.
My experience at the Action Strength
Certification was incredible. Having
been to many fitness certifications,
sports trainings, and seminars, this
particular event blew me away! It was
incredibly productive, educational, detail oriented, and intense.
Sifu Singh’s presence along with his
wife Anshu, set the tone for training
before it began. It helped me feel calm
and at peace. The location was beautiful. I heard the waves slowly crashing. I felt the warm air on my skin.
Excitement and anticipation surged
through our group. There were no distractions from the outside world.
The Instruction was top notch. Training was set at a perfect pace for every
individual. Sifu Singh taught us the
kettlebell, the Gada (Indian Mace), Tai
Chi, and Mala Vidyea. All ancient
methods of training being passed
down to us. Every aspect of the workouts and exercises were delivered
with impeccable detail.
Sifu Singh walked us through every
exercise step by step. From preparation to execution, we were taught how
to perform the exercises safely and efficiently. We were taught correct posture and how to control our breathing
for maximum efficiency. We were
taught to direct our minds’ intent.
After instruction, Sifu Singh answered every question thoroughly.
During this time we had moments to
teach and learn from each other. In
this, we progressed as one unit. This
built a great camaraderie among the
Feeding off each others’ energy, we
pushed and supported one another
through the Gama Challenge and
Snatch Test. The support I was sur-
rounded with pushed me to new
heights. I excelled.
On the last day, we reviewed everything we were taught. After hours of
training, Sifu Singh was able to push
us further than we could have ever
pushed ourselves.
My heart raced as our final workout
came to its peak. Then Sifu Singh unexpectedly shifted us into Tai -Chi. I
closed my eyes and felt my heart
pounding in my chest. I became one
with myself. As we breathed in unison, we became one with each other.
I inhaled and felt the peace and calmness that I had felt at the beginning of
that incredible weekend. It was then,
at that moment, I knew that I would
never be the same. This was Action
Author:: Nick Ellis
For more information on the Action Strength
Program, visit: www.jkdathletics.com/ActionStrength.
Gavin performing an extraordinary
Balancing Act
THImmersion and Certification
Weekend Group Shot
Nick Ellis Conquers the
Snatch Test
The GAMA Challenge
KettleBell Fundamentals
The Art of Tai Chi
Featured Article
November 2012 saw the first
JKDAA Canadian Seminar hosted
by Calgary JKD and 5 Elements
Martial Arts Ltd. The venue was the 5 Elements dojo, a facility
that hosts several WKC World Champions, Muay Thai champions
and currently trains UFC fighter Nick Ring. Even with such a high
standard of practitioners at the dojo the anticipation of having
someone of Sifu Singh’s caliber visit Canada was off the charts .
The vast majority of those present had never met Sifu before, and
the tales they had heard of his prowess from those who had previously had the honor of training with him only made them more
They were not disappointed!
To make the weekend even more spectacular, Sgt John Riddle
was in attendance and had agreed to do a guest Instructor spot
on the Friday evening. Anyone who has ever seen John instruct
knows what a singular presenter he is. I have always described
Somewhere in the
Friday afternoon I
no exaggeration to
merized by what w
and pages of notes
can make the differ
If nothing else othe
pak sao!
As short break fo
nights fun and froli
to adrenal triggers
principle to genera
the main course of
If you have never
started off running
downs from Krav M
YHeating Things Up in the Frozen North!
ohn as “the Professionals Professional” –
omething that doesn’t really do him full justice.
Having him visit was a massive honor.
Despite the fact that this was Calgary in Noember, the weather was remarkably clement…
omething that came as a tremendous relief to
ohn, who exclaimed “WORLD TAEKWONDO
FEDERATION!!” when he was told the temperature was “only -8 degrees”
After a much delayed flight from San Franisco, Sifu Singh arrived late Thursday evening.
Singh, John and I went to a local restaurant and
elaxed over a bite to eat. It was a humbling experience for me to be sat in the restaurant with
Singh and John and the evening just flew past
as we talked about training. Life in general and
ow crappy Calgary drivers are (it’s true…they
eally are terrible!)
Friday arrived and as a special treat Singh had
offered to teach a closed door session for my
Senior Students. Singh treated us a session fousing on trapping out of movement, showing
eamless integration of Wing Chun and Kali.
As well as covering 5 lines of entry and attack
n detail, Singh took us through variations
against differing styles – the highlight of which
was the three count gunting, which caused an
audible “ooh” when delivered for the first time…
ast does not even begin to cover it!
e few hours between the previous evening and
had managed to pick up a gastric virus so it is
o say I was not at my best! Even so I was meswe were covering and came away with pages
s and drawings. It’s incredible how small things
rence and take you game to a whole new level!
er people got to feel how damn hard Singh can
the more conspicuous Reality Based Self Defense Systems, and
John showed some devastating stuff. From there we were treated
to one of John’s talks concerning situational awareness.
I always learn something whenever John speaks and this was
no exception
John took Calgary’s crime stats and used them as the basis for
his presentation. It was an absolutely riveting talk and although
we went over time not a single person cared. Truly a great way
to kick off the weekend!
Saturday arrived and the main event began!
Sifu Singh was received was great enthusiasm and wasted no
time at all getting us into the swing of things – literally! Everyone
picked up their kali sticks and began a session of carrenza free
flowing – Singh’s maxim of “Go low and go slow so you can flow”
was on everybody’s lips. Those for who kali was a new art picked
things up quickly, and for the experienced it brought new perspective to their practice.
Singh then took us through numerada drills, each technique
building on from the last. Far from making this a random “feed
and counter”, there was a structure and progression built into the
material. Even the neophytes looked awesome after drilling the
material over and over.
Singh then took us through the combat flow between arts – entering to trapping to takedowns to Ju Jitsu everything flowed
seamlessly! There was a lot to take onboard, but no one felt overwhelmed
Saturday training drew to a close but the fun did not end! A short
trip down the road to the “Coach & Horses” and the UFC fights!
Everyone loved hanging out with John and Singh…and me possibly…and the food and drinks were a reward for a hard days
Sunday commenced with some Action Strength to really get the
blood pumping – everyone soon got into the swing of things and
before you knew it the sweat was pouring. Great way to kick
things off!
We then rolled (pun intended) into chi sao drills, and area that
or some food and we rolled over into Friday many know but few understand. Just sticking hands with Singh
ics! I started things rolling with an introduction is a humbling experience, especially if like me you are as subtle
and preemptive striking using the “double hip” as a brick through the window! To say this put some polish on our
ate impact. This was merely the appetizer for moves and flow is something of an understatement.
The day progressed and Singh took us through some kick ass
f Sgt John Riddle.
r heard John present you have missed out. He trapping and destruction drills – introducing the concept of the
g us through some weapon control and take- “third hand” and again demonstrating the integration of disciMaga. This was a fascinating look into one of plines. What you can’t help but notice, or in this case NOT notice,
Featured Article
is the way that there is no “gaps” or “links” in Singh’s movements
– “Panther-like” is how one person describe him. More than that
he epitomizes the concept of a JKD “blend” - As Singh moves
you only see efficiacy ; there is no gap in the flow where one art
stops and another starts.
At the closing of the weekend certificates of attendance were
awarded and two students received promotions. Mike Leblanc
and Prinesh “P-Dog” Singh were both promoted to Phase 1, having shown exceptional skill and attitude over the course of the
Special mention must be made to Kirk D Weicht, who made the
trip up all the way from Texas and who spent most of the weekend
trading heavy blows with one of my Seniors Justin Pfeifer – Kirk,
you rocked man! It was an absolute pleasure to have you here
with us!
Another special mention must also go to my student Heather
Chong who stole the show at the presentation by managing to hit
Sifu Singh around the head with her certificate of attendance!
This is the only blow anyone managed to land on Singh all weekend, so she must take kudos for that alone!
Final thoughts
Few people I have encountered epitomize the virtues of humility,
dignity and character the way Singh does. Everyone present was
blown away by him as a teacher, fighter and a person. So many
times you hear about how politics disrupt and in many cases destroy individuals in the martial arts world, yet here was one of the
top exponents in the world today treating everyone as part of the
family. I am honor
and above all my f
Without exception
Singh coming back
turning July 13-14
better because we
with the Calgary St
world’s biggest out
Saddle up and h
gonna be one hell
Author: Jay Coop
letic Association’
Regional Training
YHeating Things Up in the Frozen North!
red to count him as my Instructor, my mentor
n, everyone in attendance asked me “when is
k?” I was happy to tell them that he will be re2014, and that this time it will be bigger and
are tying it in
tampede, the
tdoor show!
old on – it’s
of a ride!
er, JKD Aths Canadian
JKDAA Events
Hector Solis has been teaching seminars Bruce Lee was all about, JKD.
in Mexico and Chile for the last few years.
This support has lead to Hector
Last November was his third visit to Sanvisit to Santiago de Chile,
tiago Chile teaching a seminar in Kali &
information, learning, and mee
ple who have eventually have
Although traditional Martial Arts domi- good friends. During his visits h
nate South America to even a higher de- the opportunity to meet traditio
gree than here is the U.S., Kali, JKD Silat, tial arts students, instructors
MMA and others fighting arts are slowly Forces instructors and member
gaining popularity. Some established inHector hopes this is just the
structors and many novice martial artists
of a long journey, not just in
are becoming increasingly curious and
Mexico, but also in other countr
are giving foreign instructors an opportuto take a chance and open thei
nity to share what not so long ago was alnew ideas, new arts, and new f
most an impossibility, the opportunity to
cross train in a variety of arts and of
Author: Hector Solis is the JKD
course have a little piece of what the late Association’s JKD & Kali Trainin
r Solis 3rd
, sharing
eting peoe become
he has had
onal mar& Special
Chile and
ries willing
r doors to
D Athletic
g Officer
le 2012 ILEETA
JKD for Police and Law Enforcement
During the month of April every year for six
days in Wheeling, Illinois, a meeting of the
minds takes place in Law Enforcement. It is the
International Law Enforcement Educators and
Trainers Association (ILEETA) conference and
training. At this gathering there are instructors
and educators from hundreds of departments
and agencies across the country, and even a few
from as far as Japan. ILEETA’s mission is simple;
it serves as an organization committed to the reduction of law enforcement risk through the enhancement of training for criminal justice
Yearly at this conference, the who’s who among
law enforcement trainers and educators present
scholarly work, certification and trainings to fellow instructors that would essentially cost thousands of dollars if done singularly throughout the
year. Instructors of these courses are recognized among their peers and the world to be the
experts in their field of study and have dedicated
much of their life to the training of our nations
warriors. To attend the trainings at this conference, you must be an instructor for your respected law enforcement agency / department,
military included, or a validated instructor to
such personnel. Maintaining a high standard of
qualification is very important to insure only the
very best is provided to participants and fellow
instructors, who will take what is learned back to
their students.
It has been under these exceptional guidelines
that the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association has
functioned. For three years Sifu Harinder Singh
and his Instructor, Darrell Burton have had the
privilege of training some of the nations finest
for an eight hour certification seminar surrounding combative skills, JKD style. Agencies represented that have attended this certification
include CIA, FBI, Military personnel, state and
local departments. Many of you may not know,
but training law enforcement is a task in and of
itself, but to train only instructors of those
respective departments, you have to exhibit a
high level of mastery with your craft and an understanding of what is encountered by theses officers and their troops on a daily basis. If you do
not accomplish this, you will not be asked to return to instruct, and most of all, you will loose
the respect and confidence of your peers.
It is safe to safe to say Sifu Signh has attained
the respect and confidence of instructors’ world
wide and within the law enforcement community.
With course attendance continuously rising each
year and the demand for this style of combative
mastery, we only expect to continue our services
to the warriors represented at ILEETA and provide them with the cutting edge of JKD combative skills and training unlike the world has ever
For information regarding ILEETA and the training it provides to law enforcement internationally
and locally, please
go to
Darrell Burton, JKD Athletic Association’s Law
Enforcement Training Officer
JKDAA Events
One of the first seminars I attended with
the JKD Athletics Association was in July
of 2012. The focus was Jun Fan Kickboxing, Trapping and Energy Drills. It was
there that I realized my knowledge of
Jeet Kune Do only scratched the surface
of its true essence.
Sifu Singh’s dedication and discipline to
this art is unmatched and I am often reminded why many call him one of the
best in the world when I work with him.
The first day we began our drills out of
Kali, utilizing the stick to understand timing and half beats. Continuing the flow,
we learned counters to those half beats,
and eventually, counters to those counters.
Moving on to empty hands from the
boxing matrix, we began to apply traps,
working forward pressure and finishing
up with various kicking combin
well. The second day covered en
sensitivity drills, even workin
reference point trapping drills de
increase hand speed and coordin
the end of the weekend, we ha
a lot of material while improvi
utes and physical conditioning.
This progressive methodology
what produces the premier mart
that comprise the JKD Athletics
tion. At the end of the weeke
worked with some amazing mar
and felt humbled by the talent I
throughout my time there. I fel
understanding to be exponenti
creased and I have been to alm
seminar since.
AL nations as
nergy and
g various
esigned to
nation. By
d covered
ng attrib-
is exactly
tial artists
s Associand, I had
rtial artists
I had seen
lt my own
onally inmost every
Grappling & Ground Fighting 101 with Special
Guest 3x World BJJ Champion, Marcel Louzado
In September of this past year I had the privilege of attending a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar
hosted by Sifu Harinder Singh and Special guest
3x world BJJ Champion Marcel Louzado. This
was by far my greatest event to date in my 6
years of BJJ training, which includes many with
World Champions.
This workshop was completely different. It addressed jiu jitsu ground fighting with a judo twist
but was reality based for real world purposes. It
didn’t focus strictly on jiu jitsu for tournaments
with a plethora of chokes and submissions but
more on the necessity for base and position
domination for a real world ground fight scenario. Marcel was amazing at teaching how to
maintain a dominant position in a ground fight
and Sifu Singh followed up with amazing kina
mutai(the art of uninterrupted biting) techniques
from traditional jiu jitsu positions. Move after
move and position after position Marcel showed
with a hands on approach the same techniques
that have made him a 3x BJJ world champ. He
demonstrated awesome techniques to submit
and defeat your opponent in a ground fight on
the street. The asymmetric violence demonstrated by Sifu Singh’s kina mutai techniques put
this workshop and weekend over the top. Especially in how to train for such instances with
things like the Kina Mutai bite flow sombrada
pattern which couldn’t be more realistic as to
what you may face in an animalistic street fight
with no rules.
This workshop showed the entire matrix of a
ground fight. Marcel took you through the
clinch, pummel and takedowns all the way to the
ground and from there the different ways to use
Jiu Jitsu and Judo to your advantage to maintain
base and position while striking from the ground
and Sifu Singh finished it off with his asymmetric
escalation of violence in life or death instances
with Kina mutai. This was definitely the most eye
opening ground fighting seminar that I have ever
been exposed to.
Author: Gavin Garringer, JKD Athletic Association’s Action Strength Training Officer
JKDAA Regionals
2012 was a busy time on the East Coast for
JKD Athletics. During the month of April, Sifu
Harinder Singh Sabharwal, instructors and
members of the JKD Athletics Association from
all over the United States gathered in Boca
Raton Florida, at Progressive Self Defense Systems Training Center for a weekend of training
in Jeet Kune Do.
JKD Athletics Instructors John Riddle and
Leigh Garczynski hosted the weekend event
that started on Friday afternoon where instructors got together and trained together to warm
up for the active weekend ahead.
On Saturday morning the Progressive Self Defense Systems facility quickly fill up with martial
artists and non-martial artists who have an interest in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do.
The weekend was action packed with learning
breath control, movement drills out of western
boxing, kali and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. By the
time Sunday afternoon was over everyone was
moving with great timing, moving like fighters
and breathing easily under the stress of hand
to hand combat.
Although the weekend seminar was over for
most and everyone who left brought valuable
information home with them, the remaining instructors had a special treat in store for them
come Monday morning. PSDS co-owner John
Riddle, a 28 year veteran of the West Palm
Beach Police Department, a Road Patrol Sergeant and 16 year veteran of the S.W.A.T. Team
brought in the best of the best, West Palm
Beach Police S.W.A.T.
The SWAT Team started training with JKD
Athletics from 9am until 4pm. This elite group
was put through their paces in the arts of Jeet
Kune Do, Kali and Western Boxing. When it
looked like they were starting to get the movements down Sifu Singh changed things up on
them and threw in some of his Action Strength
program. Body weight squats, push ups, Kettle
Bells and the Gada were introduced in between
sparing with weapons and boxing just to add
pressure and get the point across about proper
breathing techniques will under the pressures of
At the end of the day we sent the
men of West Palm Beach SWAT
home tired and sore but much more
educated in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet
Kune Do.
In September, Sifu Singh returned
to the east coast to northern Virginia where he met up with Instructor John Riddle where they did a
presentation at the yearly conference for TeamOne Network.
This conference was a great
venue to introduce and promote
Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do to
the Law Enforcement and Military
community. The presentation was
demonstrated in front of approximately 50 active TeamOne Network
instructors and several instructor
“candidates” who were also waiting
to do their presentations on
different material. The presentation
was a success and now we wait for
the promotion in the TeamOne Tr
logue where dates and training ve
When the presentation at TeamOn
pleted there was no time to waste
John Riddle drove over to Marylan
cret Service Training Academy.
where two more JKD Athletics Instr
tor Solis and Gavin Garringer, flew i
in with their expertise for a day of tra
cret Service Training Staff. These Se
Training staff are the “Cream of the
have “been there, done that”, and n
at the academy training recruits
agents with the skills they need. It w
to be there and train with such a gro
skilled individuals.
It was a busy time on the east co
Athletics in 2012. Hopefully, 2013
and will be busier than ever.
Train Hard, Stay Safe.
Author: Sgt. John Riddle, JKD Athle
tion’s Senior Law Enforcement Inst
raining cataenues will be
ne was comas Sifu and
nd to the SeIt was here
ructors, Hecin and joined
aining the Seecret Service
e crop”, they
now they are
and active
was an honor
oup of highly
oast for JKD
will pick up
etic Associatructor
JKDAA Regionals
train. Neither the location nor the ra
for long. Once the first session start
was so engulfed by Sifu's teaching th
all about it. This was the beginning
for many, a life changing experienc
rare group because almost everyon
had previous martial arts experien
The house overlooks the Colorado river and is
majority were students of JKD. Havi
full of trees and wildlife making it the ideal place
we did prompted Sifu to go much m
to unwind and connect with nature. The entire
than I was expecting.
area had been dealing with the worst drought in
We spent the majority of the time
over 40 years but of course the day before the
seminar the rain came and didn't stop for several on edged weapons since it was an
days. It was a full on flood with water covering edged
most of the roads. Initially we had planned on course, however we were able to
training outside by the river, but once the rain go into striking, trapping, takecame we moved the training session to our self downs, Jiu-Jitsu, Kino Mutai, and of
made saloon on the property. I'm not sure if it's course our daily dose of Action
taboo or genius to hold a martial arts seminar in- Strength.
side of a bar but it kept us dry.
Sifu introduced everyone to the
Even with the flood, we still had over twenty gada, as well as body weight exerpeople brave the weather and show up ready to cises. The training was incredible
In February of 2012, we had the honor of hosting a seminar with Sifu Singh at my family's
ranch house near Lane City, Texas. It is several
miles of dirt roads though thick woods to get to
the lodge but once you arrive it is a peaceful getaway.
ain mattered
ted everyone
hat we forgot
of, what was
ce. We had a
ne who came
nce and the
ng the crowd
more in-depth
and everyone agreed it was without a doubt the
best seminar they had ever been too. My students also mentioned it was nice to see someone throwing me around for once. The
excitement didn't end after the training was
done. Many of the attendees stayed around and
hung out. We watched Bruce Lee movies and
talked about martial arts.
brought out her guitar and put on an acoustic
show. The final day of training ended with another great session, pictures, certificates, and
one of my students, Gunnar Davis, was promoted to Apprentice Instructor in PFS.
For me it was like a dream come true to have
Sifu teach at my place. And I was so glad that
my students finally got to meet him. The whole
The second night brought on some entertain- experience is something that my students and I
ment with one will never forget.
of my students
Author: Clay Pratka
putting on a
show by spin- JKD is not just mixing arts, what do we
ning fire and
take from each breath.
another showing
dance moves.
Warrior’s Way Seminar
September 2012 - The Warrior’s Way Retreat
took place in Hawaii during the last week of September 2012. Under the direction of Sifu Harinder
Singh, we experienced an unpretentious and laid
back escape of the ordinary to the wonders of the
tropics in an unforgettable time of rediscovery of
natural wonder and release of the inner spirit. Sifu
Singh provided the tools that one needs to capture the willingness and desire to step out of your
comfort zone and reconnect with one’s self.
Over the course of five days we explored paradise with the most unforgettable adventures and
cultural experiences as we hiked up mountains,
body surfed along the sandy shores among the
islanders, kayaked in the ocean to a remote island, dove off a 25 foot cliff, and swam among the
sharks dropped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
in a cage. Each morning began with eating fresh
fruit from stands on the side of the road as we
traveled to various remote locations capturing the
breath, feeling the sensations within our body,
and developing the process of letting go all
through the practice of T’ai Chi. Peac
at the foot of a mountain on the groun
dhist Temple as we practiced movin
As we trained within the ocean sho
oped the needed skills to form w
bound as the waves crashed pushi
This type of training forced us to be tr
while focusing on breathing and con
energy. This process taught how to b
ent moment in order to have a great
managing emotions as stress level is
while at the same time developing at
essary to survive any type of situatio
Daily challenges were reached as
the deeper more subtle aspects th
body training through a core bas
called Action Strength. A daily 15 min
that emphasizes personal exploration
ancing one’s energy with the use of
body weight drills and the Gada, king
This unique experience captured powerful personal development in order to live life with flexibility and balance by utilizing the tools learned.
Within this intimate group there was a lot of laughing, visits to interesting destinations, as well as
ore we develjewels off the beaten path, personal empowerwithout being
ment and enjoying delicious Hawaiian food. We
ng us about.
returned home not
ruly like water
only with magnificent
nservation of
memories but also
e in the presthe mind-set of being
ter degree of
rather than just
s heightened
ttributes necon.
ce was found
nds of a Budng in medita-
we explored Leigh Garczynski
hrough mindsed program
nute workout
n while rebalf kettle bells,
g of the core.
The Damini Project Launc
The Damini Project is a joint venture of the ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense, Jeet
Kune Do Athletic Association and Progressive
Self Defense Systems, created to provide free
self defense and empowerment workshops,
seminars, and courses around the world. The
Project has one guiding goal:
To put an end to the current Rape Culture attitudes that result in violence against, sexual assault, and victimization of
women, men, and children throughout the
The rape resulted in her death, two
in a Singapore hospital. Because
India require that the victim’s na
undisclosed unless thereis express
from the victim or thevictim’s family
of death, the Media reported the crim
ing her Damini, which means “lightin
Upon learning of the crime, thousan
bers of the community began prote
the country, demanding justice for
changes in the laws of the countr
better protections against such crim
Unfortunately, Damini’s story is bu
too many millions that take place
The Project is dediglobe every year. This is the result
cated to the memory of
that still devalues human rights, view
Jyoti Singh Pandey, the
ers and sisters as objects to be own
victim of a brutal
nipulated, and where personal inse
gang rape in
expressed through the victimizati
Delhi, India
around us. The Damini Project aim
on Decemthat perception through education a
ber 16th,
covery. We believe that, once we fi
strength, two things happen:
We remember that we are worth
By rediscovering our self confide
come less likely to abuse those aro
For more information or to particip
visit the official website:
o weeks later,
the laws in
ame remain
s permission
y in the case
me nicknaming” in Hindi.
nds of memesting across
Damini and
y to provide
ut one of far
around the
of a culture
ws our brothned and maecurities are
on of those
ms to change
and self disnd our inner
fighting for;
ence, we beund us.
pate, please
Members Only Weekend Intensive Orange County, CA
Feb 22-23, 2013:
Texas JKDAA Retreat : El Campo, TX
March 22-24, 2013:
April 15-20, 2013:
April 27-28, 2013:
ILEETA – ILEETA Members Only Chicago, IL
Members Only Weekend Intensive Sunnyvale, CA
JKDAA 4 Day East Coast Retreat Boca Raton, FL
May 31-June 3, 2013:
June 29-30, 2013:
Members Only Weekend Intensive Sunnyvale, California
July 12-14, 2013:
JKDAA Calgary Stampede Retreat Calgary, Canada
July 26-28, 2013:
Action Strength Level 1 Certification Sunnyvale, CA
August 24-25, 2013:
Members Only Weekend Intensive Orange County, CA
September 20-22, 2013:
October : 19-20, 2013:
October 26-27, 2013:
JKDAA West Coast Retreat San Francisco, CA
Members Only Weekend Intensive Sunnyvale, CA
JKDAA Hawaii Retreat Oahu, Hawaii
November, 2013:
To Be Announced
December, 2013:
To Be Announced

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