JULY edition - Sikh Channel



JULY edition - Sikh Channel
Issue Number 2 • July 2013
Sikh Channel gives us, once again,
something diverse & unique
Name: Kevin Neilson
Job Title: Senior Engineer
Kevin started his career in broadcasting in
1979 when he joined the illustrious BBC.
Sikh Channel exclusively interviews
Harvinder Singh Phoolka, a senior
advocate of Delhi High Court, Human
Rights activist, and author.
Harvinder Singh is known for spearheading
one of the longest and most tortuous legal
crusades to gain justice for the victims
of the 1984 anti-Sikh genocide resulting
in the killing of thousands of Sikhs and
displacement of over 50,000 Sikhs within
2 days.
At the time of these atrocities Phoolka
was just 28 years old and new to
practicing law, and the city of Delhi. He
has put the cause of justice for 1984 Sikh
massacre victims before his career and
family life.
The sight of orphans, bereaved mothers
and wives in the relief camp prompted
the Phoolkas to help the victims of the
massacre and since that day Harvinder
Singh Phoolka has been fighting
individual cases on the involvement of
Congress leaders H. K. L. Bhagat, Sajjan
Kumar and Jagdish Tytler, despite the
government cover-up.
tel. 0800 432 0156
To watch this interview, please refer to the
Sikh Channel You Tube page and type in
‘H S Phoolka’.
The team at Sikh Channel have been
busily working behind the scenes on a
number of key projects:
• An appeal for the victims of the floods
that have affected so many at
Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib. To help us
support this urgent cause and make a
donation please call 0121 380 1050
• Welcoming 2 interns at the Sikh
Channel from London and Spain,
who will be with Sikh Channel for
approximately 3 months
• A new Sikh Channel Website and a
Mobile Application will be with you soon
• Sikh Channel partners with a new
Dharmik record label
Kevin joined the Sikh Channel team in
April 2009 where he has full
responsibility for all systems
maintenance and development. He was
instrumental in the setting up of Sikh
Channel re-using the Studio and
equipment available at the time, but
since has added extra facilities which has
undoubtedly enhanced viewing.
Kevin’s projects have included installing
the latest play out servers, design and
installation of the London studio,
integration of the programme link from
the facilities at the Derby Gurdwara. He
has been instrumental in the assembly
and provision of equipment to enable
the first series of Panth Time to air live,
the installation of the system to provide
Sikh Channel in Canada, as well as the
installation of equipment to enable live
transmission from around the world.
“I am always surprised by how much
Sikh Channel achieves with such a small
income. Everyone here works as hard as
they can to get maximum output from
minimum spend. Of course we could
always do a little better!”, he comments.
Exciting viewing
coming this July
National Dharmic Mela 2013 ‘Azaadi’
at Khalsa Primary School Slough
Sunday 21st July 2013 – 12pm – 6pm
Featuring Jazzy B with full live band, Raj
Kakra, Ravi Josan, Sewa Singh Lalli & Khalsa
School Kids.
Plus fun fair rides, food, merchandise, toys
and games and lots, lots more.
Make sure you are part of this experience
- mark the date in your diary now!
Sikh Channel was privileged to be present
for the opening of brand new Harley Street
Gurdwara, Bow.
The original building was destroyed on 16th
March 2009 by a horrific arson attack which
not only shook the local community, but
Sikhs from around the whole UK.
The opening ceremony took place on Sunday
23rd June starting with a Nagar Kirtan, followed
by Maharaj’s saroop being carefully placed in
the new darbaar sahib at the Gurdwara.
Satwant Singh, a Sikh Channel viewer wrote
in to say “I have just watched the Nagar Kirtan
in Bow and the opening of the new Gurdwara
which looks amazing. I have family members
who are actually members of the Gurdwara
who live in London. My grandad was one of
the first Sikhs in the UK to set up his house
in London and my father was born in White
Chapel London. I was so happy to hear the
commentary about bhat sikhs in UK and feel
that it would a great idea for Sikh Channel to
produce a documentary of bhat Sikhs in the UK
as there is a lot of history to be shared with the
sangat. Keep up the good work you are doing
for Sikhs all over the world”.
Parkash Dihara at Guru Nanak
Sikh Academy Hayes
Friday the 12th July – Sunday 14th July
New Sikh Quiz Show
Kaun Banega Gursikh Pyara - the first Sikh
Quiz show.
This exciting and informative show similar to
the format of the popular Who Wants to be
a Millionaire is shot in HD so aims to bring
you fun, education as well as high quality
entertainment for the whole family to view.
RMAS is a prestigious British Army location
and is the heart of Officer training for the
British Army, it was great to have their support
and be officially invited to the academy.
This interview will be aired on the Sikh
Channel in the forthcoming weeks.
tel. 0800 432 0156
3 days of kirtan, katha and simran will be
performed by some of the panths world
renowned jathas including Bhai Jasbir Singh
Ji Poanta Sahib Wale, Bhai Tajinder Singh Ji
Khanne Wale, Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji Rangila
Chandigarh Wale & Chardi Kala Jatha USA to
name but a few.
A must attend annual event for Sikhs from
around the UK.
Lots of additional activities for a great family
event such as Sikhi workshops, gatka displays,
football tournament and competitions. There
is something for everyone.
For more information please go to
Stay Tuned for all
your ‘Regulars’
Saturday Morning
Cooking Show
More regular shows for you to tune into:
The Sikh Channel is proud to announce the
filming for our brand new cooking show,
which will be aired on Saturday mornings.
• Panthic Veechara
– Friday 10.00am to 11.00am
– Presented by Navdeep Kaur
But just to get your taste buds tingling, here’s
a sneak preview of one of the recipes being
prepared by our Hitchin chef, Mrs Sukhraj Kaur.
• Ladies Show
– Saturday 10.30am to 11.30am
– Presented by Ravinder Kaur
Sikh Channel - Your Channel
• Sikh Spectrum
– Wednesday 7.00pm to 7.30pm
• DVD’s of any programmes shown are
available to our viewers. Please contact us at
[email protected], or call Kulwinder Kaur
on 0121 380 1050
Filmed at the renowned Royal Military
Academy Sandhurst in Surrey, the Sikh
Channel is proud to showcase an interview
with two Sikh armed forces veterans namely
Captain Makand Singh MBE, a Private Soldier
in the army, and Captain Harjot Singh Gill, an
Officer through the Royal Military Academy.
A time to reflect!
• For programme bookings ,scrolls or promo’s
please contact [email protected] or
call her on 0121 380 1051
• If you are interested in helping out at the Sikh
Channel on a volunteer basis, please send
us your name, contact information and a
brief summary of why you are interested in
working with us to [email protected]
or [email protected]
• For advertising opportunities or
sponsorship please contact
[email protected] or call him
on 0121 380 1060
• Breakfast Show
– Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 9.00am
• Herbal Medicine
– Monday 4.00pm to 5pm
With many thanks to Gordon Hamilton
and his amazing team of volunteers
for sponsoring this July edition of
your Sikh Channel Newsletter

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