Processing Rotor Trail Cutter Rotor



Processing Rotor Trail Cutter Rotor
Processing Rotor
Trail Cutter Rotor
Choose the rotor that’s right for you.
Processing Rotor is a general purpose rotor which
is very operator frendily. This durable rotor mills the
surface while collecting rocks and debrie.
Need a more aggressive rotor? Then choose the
Aggressor ST Trail Cutter Rotor.
NOTE: Thanks to NORTEC's quick tatch rotor design.
Rotors may be swithed out for trail conditions.
So.. Its posiable to have both rotors!
Grade-er-Blade Attachment: After grinding &
processing the blade effeciently moves the
surface material. Surface grading or sub
grading the choise is yours.
The RS may be angled left or right by
hydraulics or manual angle.
Material End Shields: "Removable"
Collect or windrow the material as conditions change
so can you. Simple remove or install the end shields
as needed. A convienent holder is provides to keep the
end shields with the machine when removed. Also in
tough conditions the end shields can be removed to
prevent damage. Notice the removable ski/shoe/runner
under the side shield.
Adjustable Material
Control Bar Allows
you to control the
amount and size of
material flowing over
the rotor, and can be
adjusted for varying
soil conditions.
Hydraulic Drive
PTO Drive
Optional: Gauge
These adjustable
gauge wheels
prevents the rotor
from going to
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NORTEC reserves the right to change design or specifications without notice. Information contained herein is general in nature and is not intended for
specific application purposes. Photographs contained herein may be displayed with safety and/or guards removed to show mechanical functions.
Literature # DC90423 Effictive: 1/02/2009
ATV Trail Force
(North American Version)
Litho in USA

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