CASA Smart Living Regions


CASA Smart Living Regions
Regions for Smart Living
Consortium for Assistive Solutions Adoption
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The CASA project is part of the Community of Regions for Assisted Living (Coral)
about regional policy for active and healthy ageing.
European Union
European Regional Development Fund
The European Interreg IVC project CASA is about the development of
regional policy - and the exchange of knowledge and experiences in upscaling of innovative ICT and services for independent living
and integrated care. Demographic changes make it necessary to
organise the care and housing of senior citizens and the chronically
ill in a smarter way including the use of ICT. These challenges also
give opportunities for innovative companies to develop new tools
and services.
14 organisations from 13 European regions participate in the CASA
project and interact on the topic of policy development on how to
boost the implementation of smart solutions in integrated care and
independent living. The activities in 2012-2014 comprise among
others study visits, exchange of good practices, bilateral
secondments and a final conference in Brussels.
Regions for Smart Living
The study visits organised in the participating regions cover the themes of: monitoring, safety
and self management, social interaction, chronic diseases, healthy lifestyle and rehabilitation,
informal care, telemedicine evaluation model, mobility and liveability integrated regional
policy, business and knowledge development, user driven innovation through public private
partnership and large scale deployment.
CASA is also part of the Community of Regions for Assisted Living (CORAL) in which a few dozen
European regional governments collaborate. CORAL is a learning community where sustainable
connections between regional innovation clusters are build in the field of Ambient Assisted
Living and Active & Healthy Ageing.
Flemish Community
Fabian Dominguez
[email protected]
Southern Denmark
Region Syddanmark
Lotte Beck
[email protected]
Province of Noord-Brabant
Edwin Mermans
[email protected]
Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznan
Monika Zembrzycka
[email protected]
Kent County Council
Maria Francesca Vencato
[email protected]
Fundació TicSalut
Ignasi Garcia-Milà Vidal
[email protected]
South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA)
David Parry
[email protected]
Consiliul Judetean Timis
Mirela-Carina Sinca
[email protected]
Veneto Region
Azienda Unità Locale Socio Sanitaria 20 Verona
Luigi Bertinato
[email protected]
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
A zienda per i Servizi Sanitari n. 5 – “Bassa Friulana”
Gian Matteo Apuzzo
[email protected]
NHS 24/Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare
Donna Henderson
[email protected]
Fundación Progreso y Salud
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos.gonzalez.fl[email protected]
New Tools for Health
Anders Carlsson
[email protected]
Region Halland
Malin Larsson
[email protected]