American Film Market 2015


American Film Market 2015
American Film Market
Getting It Made for the US Market is a collaboration
between the Finnish Film Foundation, TEKES – Finnish
Funding Agency for Innovation, FAVEX – Finnish Film &
Audiovisual Export and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of
Finland. It is designed to serve the audiovisual sector’s
demand for helping to develop and boost companies’
business skills specifically for the American market.
The Finnish Film
Foundation supports
and promotes
the Finnish film
industry by funding
professional film production
as well as the exhibition
and distribution of films.
The Finnish Film Foundation
Foundation is responsible
for the cultural export
and for the international
promotion of Finnish films.
International co-productions
are also eligible for
production support from
The Finnish Film Foundation
when a Finnish co-producer
is involved. In the past three
years, The Finnish Film
Foundation has handed
out over 10 million euros
in production support for
international co-productions.
The Foundation’s support
can in most cases cover
up to 50 percent of the
production costs for the
Finnish co-producing partner
FAVEX’s mission
is to boost the
and growth
of the Finnish
audiovisual industry.
The 2015 American Film
Market offers a fantastic
arena to showcase what
these companies have to
offer, and to help them
implement their goals in
the US market and beyond.
Finnish audiovisual
companies have
great growth
potential in the
world market. From
our perspective, we want
to actively support the
international breakthrough
of these companies and
of Finnish productions,
Kati Nuora
Communications Officer
The Finnish Film Foundation
Johanna Karppinen
FAVEX – Finnish Film &
Audiovisual Export
Merja Salonen
Senior Advisor for the
Creative Industries
Participating Finnish companies
Participating Finnish companies
Fisher King Production
Don Films
Fisher King produces feature films and TV drama productions for local
and international markets. We focus on genre-driven productions and
combining modern production techniques with good old storytelling.
Don Films is devoted to character-driven stories with high stakes and
unstoppable momentum. We aim to create an independent Nordic
production powerhouse, with a focus on original content created in-house.
Contact: Leila Lyytikäinen, Producer,
[email protected]
+358 505 206 771
Matti Halonen, Producer,
[email protected] +358 400 693
Dates present during AFM: Leila: Nov 1st – 9th,
Matti: Nov 1st – 7th
Helsinki-filmi is one of the leading production companies in the
Nordic region. Dedication to the development and constant search for
extraordinary stories defines the core of the company.
Contact: Aleksi Hyvärinen, Producer, [email protected]
+358 505 514 561
Dates present during AFM: Nov 2nd – 11th Nov
KFV Pictures
KFV Pictures is a film production company specializing in storytelling in a
variety of genres. Based in Helsinki, our focus is on film production, be it
in commercials, shorts, music, or features.
Contact: Olli Koivula, Director,
[email protected], +358 50 585 7374
Laura Laaksonen, Producer,
[email protected],
+358 50 348 6132
Contact: Annika Sucksdorff, Producer,
[email protected], +358 50 596 8089
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 7th
Dates present during AFM: Oct 29th – Nov 12th
Making Movies
Mouka Filmi
Making Movies, established in 1996, has produced eight feature films more
than 40 documentaries, and numerous short films. Their films have been
broadcasted in more than 50 countries.
Mouka Filmi was founded in 2006 for the passion of filmmaking. The
company produces films that share a warm human touch, unique artistic
vision and excellent quality.
Contact: Kaarle Aho, Producer,
[email protected] +358 40 725 3936
Kai Nordberg, Producer,
[email protected] +358 40 507 3936
Contact: Sami Jahnukainen, Producer,
[email protected], +358 40 731 4354
Dates present during AFM: Oct 30th – Nov 11th
Dates present during AFM: Nov 1st – 9th
Participating Finnish companies
Participating Finnish companies
MRP Matila Röhr Productions
MRP Matila Röhr Productions has produced feature films in Finland and
internationally since 1990. Hailed by critics and audience members alike,
many of their films are considered milestones in the Finnish film industry.
Mogulmedia is a creative and dynamic TV and film production company.
We create multidimensional and entertaining stories with a meaning.
Internationality is a key element in Mogulmedia’s operations.
Contact: Markos Annala, Producer,
[email protected], +358 405 814 261
Ville Panhelainen, Director,
[email protected] +358 503 302 137
Contact: Ilkka Matila, Producer,
[email protected],
+358 40 501 1025
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 8th
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 7th
Solar Films
Yellow Film & TV
Solar Films is a leading production company in Finland in the field of feature
films, and produces and co-produces films from commercial features to
arthouse and films from upcoming talent.
Yellow Film & TV is an independent, award-winning production company,
with 20 years of experience. We specialize in high quality movies, drama,
comedy, entertainment and sports.
Contact: Jesse Fryckman, Producer,
[email protected], +358 405 909 999
Contact: Milla Bruneau, COO / Executive Producer,
[email protected], +358 400 408 951
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 7th
Dates present during AFM: Oct 30th – Nov 6th
Roger! Pictures
Fountain Factory Family
Roger! Pictures develops and produces genre films for international
markets, and provides production services in Finland. Our main projects
also include the action film Viking – Rise of the Warrior.
Owned by celebrity TV chef and cookbook author Sara La Fountain,
Fountain Factory Family produces cooking, lifestyle and travel shows,
publishes books and develops healthy food and beauty products.
Contact: Teemu Virta, Producer
[email protected], +358 405 663 354
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 7th
Contact: Sara La Fountain, Talent/Creative
Director, [email protected]
+358 500 306 373, +1 (917) 971 6967
Hanna Voutilainen, CEO/Art Director,
[email protected]
com +358 505 965 838
Dates present during AFM: Oct 31st – Nov 17th
Founded in 2007, Bufo has produced a number of fiction and documentary
films of which many have received international recognition. Bufo’s films
all share the elements of clear artistic vision, innovation and high quality.
Its films have been screened at renowned international film festivals such
as Toronto and Moscow. One of the most recent films is Pirjo Honkasalo’s
Concrete Night, which was also Finland’s Official Submission for Foreign
Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.
Contact: Mark Lwoff, Producer
[email protected], +358 45 131 4652
Not present at AFM
Tuffi Films
Tuffi Films produces both fiction and documentary films of various lengths.
Tuffi Films makes films that challenge what is considered being worth
telling and which are true to themselves. Their short film Do I Have to
Take Care of Everything? was an Oscar nominee for the best short film
(live action) 2014, and The Date was awarded at the Sundance for the Jury
Award in International Short Fiction.
Contact: Venla Hellstedt, Producer
[email protected], +358 40 132 8880
Elli Toivoniemi, Director
[email protected], +358 40 132 8880
Not present at AFM
Selected projects
Feature film
Feature film
American Daydream
American Daydream is a comedy about
the “World’s Funniest Person” Ismo Leikola
conquering Hollywood. A comedy that
appeals to both European and American
audiences, American Daydream tells the
story of a man from the land of Santa
Claus and Lapland, a small town guy who’s
chasing the ultimate American dream. The
situation is overwhelming; both exciting
and frightening.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Ville Panhelainen
Production company: Mogulmedia
Budget: $4 million (USD)
Stage of project: Screenwriting
Looking for: Co-producers, Financing,
Agents, Film commissions
Nymphs is an original book series and
primetime fantasy drama that draws its
origin from the stories, characters and
visual imagery of ancient mythology. Now
the emerging phenomenon of the Nymphs
saga is spreading onto the big screen. It
tells a daring, racy and sexy tale of three
nymphs, Desirée, Cathy and Nadia.
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Miikko Oikkonen
Production company: Fisher
King Productions
Budget: $9.1 million (USD)
Stage of project: In development
Looking for: Financing, Partners
Feature film
Feature film
Brooklyn King
A boxing coach and his number one
prodigy search for hope after their lives are
drastically altered through random acts of
violence on the streets of Brooklyn. The
coach loses a loved one and the prodigy
his promising career. Brooklyn King follows
the men as they try to do the right thing as
a past life of crime and substance abuse
Genre: Drama
Director: Olli Koivula
Production ompany: KFV Pictures
Budget: $1.8 million (USD)
Stage of project: In development
Looking for: Sales agent, financing,
co-producer, casting agent
On his way home after a long tour in
Africa, Ray, a burned-out mine clearance
expert, is kidnapped by a rebel militia,
commanded by ruthless warlord Ibrahim.
With his partner Kate and friend Daoud held
hostage, Ray has just 2 hours to cross a
vast minefield, navigate a bombed out,
heavily booby-trapped compound, and
recover a mysterious case, all the while
being guarded by Ibrahim’s child soldier
Eric. Man and child must trust each other
and work together to survive. But even if
they succeed, and bring Ibrahim what he
wants, will he allow them to live?
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Aku Louhimies
Production company: Solar Films
Stage of project: In development
Looking for: Pre-sales, co-producers,
distributors, financing
Feature film
Feature film
The Eternal Road
Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland is a feature film by awardwinning director Dome Karukoski. It tells
the story of Touko Laaksonen, an artist
who created the archetype of a masculine
homosexual man. A movie about a man
whose art changed the world.
Genre: Biopic, historic, drama
Director: Dome Karukoski
Production company: Helsinki-filmi
Budget: $5.2-5.4 million (USD)
Stage of project: In pre-production
Looking for: Sales, Broadcasters,
Distribution, Co-producers
Jussi Ketola lives a peaceful life with his
family in Finland. One night in the summer
of 1930, right wing thugs abduct him from
his home and force him into their car. The
unwanted journey begins, along the Eternal
Road, towards Russia.
Genre: Drama
Director: AJ Annila
Production company: MRP
Matila Röhr Productions
Budget: $3.3. million (USD)
Stage of project: In development
Looking for: World sales
agent, Co-producer, American/
British casting, Financing
Feature film
Feature film
White Point is a dystopian car chase movie
set in the frozen north. An old bounty
hunter joins forces with a reckless girl in
a desperate attempt to find her long lost
brother, driving his Dodge Challenger
through the endless ice wasteland towards
the mythical, warmer South.
Genre: Action
Director: Akseli Tuomivaara
Production company: Bufo
Budget: $4.5 million (USD)
Stage of project: In late
development / early financing
Looking for: Co-production partners,
Casting agents, Distributors, Financiers
It Came From the
It Came from the Desert is a motocross
action film with giant ants. The movie is
based on a cult video game from the 80’s
by Cinemaware.
Genre: Action, horror, comedy
Director: Marko Mäkilaakso
Production company: Roger! Pictures
Budget: $700,000 (USD)
Stage of project: Financing
Looking for: Distributors, Coproducers, Financing
Feature film
Feature film
Social Game
Every camper’s worst nightmare came
true at Lake Bodom in 1960, when four
teenagers were stabbed to death while
sleeping in their tent. As the years passed
and the case grew cold, the unsolved
mystery turned into an urban legend, a
creepy campfire story passed down from
generation to generation.
Genre: Horror
Director: Taneli Mustonen
Production company: Don Films
Budget: $12.5 million (USD)
Stage of project: In production
Looking for: Sales agent
A teenage group of friends are reunited in a
nostalgic celebration at a luxurious family
villa to mark a 35th birthday of a sexually
and socially mobile Mitzi. Unexpectedly, a
Hollywood star joins the party as a new
lover to Mitzi’s best friend, and throws
the group’s familiar social game into a
desperate role-play.
Despite that everything feels again like it
did when they were 17, but it might be that
they are no longer as young as they think.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Elli Toivoniemi
Production company: Tuffi Films
Budget: $1 m (USD)
Stage of project: Writing,
early development
Looking for: Co-producers, Distributors,
Broadcasters / Networks
Post-Punk Disorder
Pentti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN), a punkrock band of four educationally challenged
men, is possibly the most important group
in rock’n’roll since the Ramones. Post-Punk
Disorder is a feature length documentary
film about the last years of this historical
band and it’s charismatic members.
Genre: Documentary film (85 and 58min)
Director: Jukka Kärkkäinen and J-P Passi
Production company: Mouka Filmi
Budget: $700,000 (USD)
Stage of project: In production
(80% of financing in place)
Looking for: Theatrical and online
distribution, Broadcasters and festivals
A feature animation about a small girl
whose home is struck by lightning. Tirlittan,
a girl with golden hair, wanders around
looking for a new home. She comforts her
broken heart and gets to know different
kinds of families and parents before finding
her own parents.
Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Kari Juusonen
Production company: Making Movies
Budget: $9.1 million (USD)
Stage of project: In development
Looking for: Co-producers,
Sales agent, Distribution
The Club
A woman is found mishandled in an empty
cottage in remote Finnish Lapland. This
isolated incident soon grows into a murder
and then to a suspected serial murder.
When a rare virus is found from the victim,
it alerts the European health officials. Soon
two inspectors, a female police detective
and a male doctor, start investigating the
case together. Their investigation leads
them step by step to something very big
and almost unimaginable: a secret and
small billionaires club with a mission to
make the world a better place by getting
rid of the very bad people who live in it.
Genre: Crime/Thriller TV-series
Budget: $5.1 million (USD)
Production company: Yellow Film & TV
Stage of project: Financing, scriptwriting
Looking for: Pre-financing, Distribution,
Into the Pure with
TV documentary series consisting of seven
60-minute episodes presenting the purity
of the Nordic lifestyle, through fresh and
clean Scandinavian cuisine, stories of exotic
people, and discovering hidden travel gems.
Genre: Cooking/lifestyle TV-series
Director: Taku Kaskela
Production company:
Fountain Factory Family
Budget: $2.08 million (USD)
Stage of project: Funding, scriptwriting,
episode sequence defined
Looking for: Funding, distribution and
collaboration partnership possibilities
Getting it Made for the US Market partners
presenting the following companies from Finland

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