Rauma Cup 2015 Invitation - Rauman Taitoluistelijat ry


Rauma Cup 2015 Invitation - Rauman Taitoluistelijat ry
Rauma Cup 2015 Figure Skating Competition
The Figure Skating Club Rauman Taitoluistelijat ry., Finland, has a pleasure to invite your skaters to participate in
the international Rauma Cup figure skating competition.
(deadline for entries 5.1.2015)
Rauman Taitoluistelijat ry - Member of the Finnish Figure Skating Association
Rauma is located in the southwest coast of Finland; 250 km from Helsinki and 90 km from Turku.
Äijänsuo Ice Arena
Nortamonkatu 23, 26100 Rauma, FINLAND
The arena is heated.
Competition Web Page:
ISU evaluation:
Senior A ladies born 1.7.1934 or later
Junior A girls born 1.7.95 or later
Junior B girls born 1.7.1995 – 30.6.2001
Novice A girls born 1.7.2000 or later
Novice B girls born 1.7.1999 or later
Debs A girls born 1.7.2001 or later
Springs A girls/boys born 2003 or later
Finnish star evaluation:
Junior C girls, born xxxx or later
Springs B girls/boys born 2003 or later
Cubs B born 2005 or later, girls/boys
Chicks born 2006 or later, girls/boys
Category requirements according to Annex D.
The organizer reserves the right to split the categories Chicks and Cubs into age groups. All above
mentioned categories will be organized if there are at least three entries in the category.
All clubs and members of the National Figure Skating Federations associated with the ISU are invited to
take part in the competition. Each invited club has the right to enter competitors in any category and class.
The clubs are asked to list the skaters in the order in which they wish to be accepted to the competition.
The Organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants if the total number is too high. The
organizing club takes right to enter more competitors than the other clubs.
To participate:
Please fill in the enclosed entry form (Annex A) and return it to the Organizer latest January 5th, 2015. It is
highly unlikely that entries that are received after this deadline are accepted. Entries can be submitted by
e-mail to the following address: [email protected]
The Organizer will confirm the skaters accepted to the competition latest on January 11, 2015. It is planned
to accept max. 3 skaters per club per category; however this is subject to number of entries in given
Please also fill in the invoicing address in the entry form.
Entry Fee:
50 € for Finnish star evaluation categories
60 € for ISU evaluation categories, FS only
80 € for ISU evaluation categories with both SP and FS
Please note! The entry fees will be invoiced via e-mail invoices by the organizing club and the due date
for the payment will be January 23rd, 2015. Entry fees will not be refunded for cancellations after this
date with the exception of cancellations verified by a medical certificate. In this case, a fee of 15 € will be
charged to cover the organizer’s office costs. In case a skater has been entered in the competition, but
cannot participate, she or he can be replaced by another skater of the same club in the same category
and class, this replacement needs to be done before February 1st though.
On Sunday, February 1st at Rauma ice rink. Results of the draw will be published on the same day at the
competition website.
Three first standings of each category/class will be awarded. All other competitors receive a small takeaway
gift at the awarding ceremony.
No practice ice is available.
Normal CDs (no RW CDs). The music recordings must state the full name of the competitor, category and
the name of the club and country.
Preliminary event schedule (subject to change):
Fri., February 6:
12.00 – 21.00
Chicks FS
Cubs FS
Springs B FS
Junior C FS
Finnish Star Evaluation
Finnish Star Evaluation
Finnish Star Evaluation
Finnish Star Evaluation
Sat., February 7:
8.00 – 21.00
Springs A Girls FS
Debs A Girls FS
Novice A Girls SP
Junior B Girls SP
Junior A Girls SP
Senior A Ladies SP
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
Sun., February 8:
8.00 – 20.00
Novice B Girls FS
Novice A Girls FS
Junior B Girls FS
Junior A Girls FS
Senior A Ladies FS
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
ISU Evaluation
The organizer will invite the judges and other officials and pay their expenses. The names of the judges and
the technical panel will be published on the website.
The Organizer cannot pay any expenses for the participants or organize any transportation or
Planned Program Content:
Entries for ISU evaluation categories: please fill in the Annex B and return it by January 24th to the e-mail
address: [email protected]
Protest must be submitted to the Referee of the category latest immediately after the category. The
protest fee is 15 €. The Referee’s decision is final.
The Organizer accepts no liability for injury or damage sustained by competitors or officials.
Accommodation offers:
Hotel Cumulus (about 400 m from the ice arena), Aittakarinkatu 9, 26100 Rauma
tel. +358 2 837 821; reservations: www.hotellimaailma.fi (code: INTERCLUB)
Room rates:
67 € per room for 1 person
78 € per room for 2 persons
10 € extra bed for child and 19 € for adult (only limited amount available)
Hotelli Vanha Rauma, Vanhankirkonkatu 26, 26100 Rauma tel. +358 2 8376 2200, ww.hotelvanharauma.fi
e-mail: [email protected]
20 rooms available (reservations before 30.11.)
75 € per room per night for 1 person
2x40 € per night for 2 person room
3x35€ per night for 3 person room
4x30 € per night for 4 person room
For other alternatives, please follow the competition website or Rauma city pages www.visitrauma.fi
Enquiries preferably via e-mail:
[email protected]
On behalf of the Competition Organizing Committee:
Kirsimarja Saarinen
Sari Markkula
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.
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KouJT, LT, ML, PoriTa, RNK, SalPa, STR, TapTL, TTK, TRT, TSC, TL, VaPS, Varala-Tiimi, VG-62, VLK, selected clubs in
Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Denmark