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Newsletter 2/2015
Join the University of Vaasa Alumni Dinner in Helsinki on June 11, 2015
The University of Vaasa is arranging an alumni dinner at Pörssitalo’s Restaurant Pörssi on Thursday the 11th at 6 p.m. The evening
includes a three-course dinner, latest news from the university and meeting old and new friends. The price for our registered alumni is 60
€ and for the others 80 €. Registration by June 5:
6.00 p.m. Welcome drink and welcoming words
6.30 p.m. Faculties’ Pecha Kucha
Faculty of Philosophy Dean Hannu Katajamäki
Faculty of Business Studies Professor Pirjo Laaksonen
Faculty of Technology Research Director Erkki Hiltunen
As host the Head of External Relations Mika Palosaari
7.30 p.m. Dinner
9.00 p.m. Speech and the announcement of the alumni of the year 2015
Rector Suvi Ronkainen
Dessert and coffee/tea
9.30 p.m. DJ, free discussion
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You are warmly welcome! You can also spread the word to your fellow students/alumni!
Jari Kuusisto Named Vice Rector of the University of Vaasa
The University of Vaasa’s position among the leading scientific higher education institutions will be further
strengthened by the nomination of a new Vice Rector with responsibility for research.
Jari Kuusisto, PhD (53) is currently working as Director of the research group of SC-Research at the
University of Vaasa. The position of Vice Rector is a new one and the work will involve developing the
University’s research and researcher education. The Vice Rector will act as deputy to the Rector and represent
the University of Vaasa in research and education networks.
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Doctoral Student Tiina Leposky Receives an Award for Most Original New Work
Tiina Leposky from the International Business and Marketing Strategies research group has received the international Neil Hood and
Stephen Young Award for most original new work in the doctoral colloquium in the AIB-UKI conference.
AIB-UKI is the UK branch of the Academy of International Business and the single largest chapter of this worldwide organisation. The
AIB-UKI conference is held annually and is attended by experts and scholars in international business from across Europe as well as the
Leposky is a 2nd year student and her research is focused on the influence of customer knowledge transfer in the development of service
concepts in multinational corporations. The research attempts to clarify the dynamics of customer knowledge transfer in the relationships
between customers, Finnish subsidiaries and foreign headquarters.
Mika Palosaari Takes Over the Alumni activities
with Nina Jokiaho
The University of Vaasa has gotten a new Head of External Relations, Mika Palosaari. He
is responsible for the University’s community relations, fundraising and alumni activities.
As a partner in alumni activities he will have Nina Jokiaho. You can contact them by
sending email to [email protected]
2014 Was a Year of Successes for the University
In 2014, the University of Vaasa’s operations were excellent in several areas, and determined compliance with the strategy is evidenced by
the results.
A record number of doctoral degrees were completed in 2014 (26 in comparison with a target of 21) and the number of publications
with the highest Publication Forum (Jufo) classification has doubled since 2011. Jufo publications are one of the major criteria for state
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Latest Dissertations
Ahmadzadegan, Hossein: Security-Centric Analysis and Performance Investigation of IEEE 802.16 WiMAX (Computing
Lundström, Niklas: Aluekehittämisen pirullinen peli (Regional Science)
Dutta, Anupam: Essays on Testing Long-Run Abnormal Stock Returns (Statistics)
Turunen, Linda: Consumers’ Experiences of Luxury – Interpreting the Luxoriusness of a Brand (Marketing)
Salo, Marika: Hyvä liiketoimintapäätös ja johdon vastuu (Business Law)
Kurvinen, Pekka: Media-ammattilaisen sisäinen puhe (Management)
Eronen, Maria: Rhetoric of Self-Expressions in Online Celebrity Gossip (Communication Science)
Myllymäki, Emma-Riikka: Essays on Internal Control and External Auditing in the Context of Financial Reporting Quality
(Accounting and Finance)
Dissertations will be available on:
Alumni Career Stories on the University Home Page
We have received some great alumni career stories. Thank you for them! You can read them in Finnish and English in the address http:// and others in English in
career/stories/. If you want to tell your story to our students, write it down in the address
Alumni Contact Information
Our e-mail address for alumni matters is: [email protected]
If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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