E6474A Option 850 Drive Test


E6474A Option 850 Drive Test
E6474A Option 850 Drive Test
Wireless Network Optimization Platform - Handheld Network Monitor
Key Features
•Installed on a Nokia N85, 6720 orw N97 phone, the JDSU
solution provides a powerful and very portable test tool
•Collect a wide range of network information from areas
usually difficult to reach using typical drive-test tools
•Powerful indoor collection mode
Nokia N85
•Make HSUPA measurements (Nokia 6720 only)
•Uses the devices inbuilt GPS, or external Bluetooth GPS
•Automate calls, FTP Upload/Download and HTTP browsing
•Access forcing functions from the phone
Nokia 6720
•Manually configure SMS, MMS or E-mail and then observe
related network measurements
•Scanning functionallity to identify GSM and UMTS carriers
at your location
Nokia N97
Key Benefits
•Discretely collect and share data
from network hot spots and then
just use the phone as a phone!
•Use the phone as a test mobile
with the full E6474A Drive Test
•Send data directly back to your
office and then use the E6474A
Drive Test platform for detailed
website :
Often you need something that is a little more portable to collect your
network data.
This JDSU application is ideal for testing in those “difficult” areas.
The E6474A Option 850 application runs on a Nokia N85, 6720 or N97 engineering
test mobile. With easy configuration and full integration with the E6474A Drive Test
platform, you have a complete test collection and analysis solution.
Drive Test Wireless Network Optimization Platform
GSM Measurements
HSDPA Measurements
Status Display
Other screens include: GSM Network
Monitor 2 and GSM Graph.
Other screens include: HSDPA Network
Monitor 1 and HSDPA Graph.
Also includes a status history screen.
GPRS & EDGE Measurements
HSUPA Measurements
(Nokia 6720 only)
Other screens include: GPRS RLC Info,
EDGE Parameters and GPRS Graph.
UMTS Measurements
Indoor Measurements
Scanning Measurements
Other screens include: HSUPA DL
Information, RRC DCH Information,
MAC Es graph, BLER/HARQ graph and
ACKS/NACKS % graph.
Forcing Functions
Includes GSM and UMTS scanning.
Ordering Options
To purchase compatible phone hardware
from JDSU ask your local representative
about these phone options:
Other screens include: UMTS Network
Monitor 2 and UMTS Graph.
• E5643B Option 777 - Nokia N85 NAM
• E5643B Option 778 - Nokia N85 EMEA
• E5643B Option 779 - Nokia 6720 NAM
• E5643B Option 780 - Nokia 6720 EMEA
• E5643B Option 781 - Nokia N97 NAM
Test & Measurement Regional Sales
Enables forcing to channels, cell
barring, system lock, channel lock, GSM
handover and WCDMA handovers.
TEL: 1 866 228 3762
FAX: +1 301 353 9216
TEL: +1 954 688 5660
FAX: +1 954 345 4668
TEL: +852 2892 0990
FAX: +852 2892 0770
• E5643B Option 782 - Nokia N97 EMEA
TEL: +49 7121 86 2222
FAX: +49 7121 86 1222
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WEBSITE: www.jdsu.com/test
May 2010

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