Press Release Nokia Networks small cells enable China Mobile to



Press Release Nokia Networks small cells enable China Mobile to
Press Release
Nokia Networks small cells enable China Mobile to support 1 million visitors at
Auto Shanghai 2015
Nokia Networks deployed its TD-LTE Advanced HetNet solution to enable China Mobile
Shanghai’s network at Auto Shanghai 2015
Nokia Flexi Zone small cells complement Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Stations, with each
supporting a phenomenal 600 simultaneous active TD-LTE users per cell
China Mobile delivered immaculate service experience for users attending the event in
the world’s largest building, the China Expo Complex
Shanghai, China – 3 June 2015
In yet another affirmation of Nokia Networks’ prowess and expertise in small cell
deployments, China Mobile Shanghai selected the company to implement its TD-LTE
Advanced HetNet solution at Auto Shanghai 2015. The event was held at the China
Expo Complex, which is the world’s largest building. Nokia Networks implemented its
Flexi Zone TD-LTE small cells to ramp up China Mobile’s network capacity to manage
the immense amount of wireless data traffic generated by 1 million visitors. Due to
Nokia Networks’ extensive technical knowledge and services expertise, subscribers
enjoyed an unmatched mobile broadband experience, enhanced by best-in-class
network availability, coverage and capacity.
During the course of the 10-day event, the peak hours saw 100,000 simultaneous TD-LTE
users, as most of the 1 million visitors used multiple applications to share pictures and
videos. With macro parity, and complemented by Nokia Smart Scheduler, Flexi Zone TDLTE small cells ensured excellent network availability while managing wireless data with up
to 600 simultaneous active TD-LTE users per cell – setting an industry benchmark in terms
of indoor small cell performance.
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Summary of the solutions and services delivered by Nokia Networks:
TD-LTE Advanced HetNet solution, consisting of macro Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station*
and Flexi Zone** TD-LTE small cells
Cloud-ready network management system, NetAct, for effective and consolidated
monitoring and optimization of China Mobile’s TD-LTE and small cell network
Nokia Networks’ Global Service Delivery experts provided planning, configuration and
monitoring services to identify the best locations to deploy Flexi Zone for efficient indoor
coverage and supported on-site implementation
Nokia Smart Scheduler for optimizing cell capacity and network efficiency through
effective management of uplink interference, signaling capacity, control channel
dimensioning and load balancing
Data Optimization to enable real-time monitoring of user experience (Key
Quality Indicators)
Bu Tong, General Manager of Network Department, China Mobile Shanghai, said:
“China Mobile leverages the entire spectrum of TD-LTE to deliver the best possible mobile
broadband services to subscribers. This strategic engagement with Nokia Networks proves
that our infrastructure is already at the next level – strengthened and equipped to deliver
superb performance in the face of the data deluge on wireless networks.”
Mark Atkinson, Vice President, Small Cells Business Line, Nokia Networks, said: “After
proving the capabilities of our small cell solution in an outdoor environment, the landmark
performance at the world’s largest building underpins the fact that our Flexi Zone portfolio is
equally adept at ensuring cutting-edge service delivery in indoor scenarios. Most importantly,
this achievement also highlights the expertise and capabilities of our service teams in terms
of delivering optimum customer experience with our indoor small cell solutions.”
Click here for a photo of Nokia Networks’ equipment installed at the event.
Press release: Nokia Networks, China Mobile harness the potential of TD-LTE small
cells at global sports event, Nokia Networks, China Mobile prove the power of small cells
at Xiamen International Marathon 2015
Brochure: Nokia Flexi Zone
Whitepaper: Nokia LTE Smart Scheduler
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About Nokia
By focusing on the human possibilities of technology, Nokia embraces the connected world
to help people thrive. Our three businesses are leaders in their fields. Nokia Networks
provides broadband infrastructure software and services, HERE provides mapping,
navigation and location intelligence, and Nokia Technologies provides advanced technology
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Nokia Networks, which provides broadband infrastructure, software and services, operates
at the forefront of our industry. From the first ever call on GSM to the first call on LTE, we
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* The compact, multi-technology, modular and weatherproof Nokia Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station is
an award winner and supports a throughput of 10 Gbps. It enables energy-efficient base station sites
with a 70% improvement in power consumption compared to traditional cabinet-based sites.
** Nokia Flexi Zone enables operators to increase capacity by deploying clusters of access points in
hot spots and zones. The award-winning Flexi Zone is an LTE/Wi-Fi-capable solution which
complements macro networks with an underlay of small cells at the street and indoor level. This
provides significant performance benefits, macro co-existence, traffic offloading, simplified
backhauling and low O&M impact. So operators can provide a remarkably rich customer experience in
urban capacity problem areas while keeping the total cost of ownership much lower than conventional
small-cell deployments.