Catering Menu Nov 22nd



Catering Menu Nov 22nd
Veggie Platter
A delicious selection of garden fresh
blanched asparagus, red pepper, cauliflower
served with our refreshing lemony dill dip.*
Small Veggie Platter $80
Feeds 12...(11 pieces each) or
Feeds 22...(6 pieces each)
Large Veggie Platter $100
Feeds 16...(11 pieces each) or
Feeds 29 (6 pieces each)
* Vegetable choices may vary by season or availability
Lox Side Platter
A side of smoked wild BC sockeye salmon,
presliced & served with lemon slices, red
onions & capers.
Small Lox Platter $55
Feeds 12...(3 slices each)*
Large Lox Platter $75
Feeds 16...(3 slices each)*
* Add one Solly’s oven fresh “Small Basket” of bagels
or bread to accompany these platters
Deli Meat Platter
A combination of freshly sliced meats from
Solly’s Deli including Pastrami, Smoked Turkey
Breast & All Beef Salami. Includes dijon,
regular mustard & mayo.
Small Meat
Platter $70
Feeds 12
Large Meat
Platter $85
Feeds 16
Fruit Platter
Solly’s Fruit platters are prepared overflowing
with bite sized pieces of pineapple, melons,
grapes, oranges & strawberries*
Office Fruit
Platter $65
Feeds 9...(11 pieces each)
Feeds 16...(6 pieces each)
Small Fruit
Platter $85
Feeds 16...(11 pieces each) or
Feeds 29...(6 pieces each)
Large Fruit Platter $120
Feeds 24...(11 pieces each) or
Feeds 44...(6 pieces each)
* Fruit choices may vary by season or availability
Muffin Basket
Enjoy a mixed basket of Solly’s seasonal muffins
including our Famous Cottage Cheese Muffins.
Feeds 12...(1 muffin each) $35
Cold Beverages
Bottled Water 500ml...$1.50
Fruit Juice 300ml…......$1.50
Can Pop 355ml...$1.50
Koala 355ml.......$2.00
368 West 7th Ave.
Orders for weekend delivery must be placed by 12pm on Friday.
No orders can be placed on Saturday or Sunday.
Orders can be cancelled for a full refund up to 24 hours in advance, or
by 12noon Friday for weekend orders. No refund given to orders
cancelled after this cut-off time.
The Fine Print
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash.
Delivery & handling charges are extra, and will vary with
quantity of order and destination. Please ask for a quote.
Weekend orders are subject to a $300 min charge.
Paper Service $1/person
Prices do not include taxes.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Thank you for choosing
Sollys Catering
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M4
Jewish Catering
at its Finest
All platter orders must be paid in advance.
Email us: [email protected]
Orders must be placed by 12noon the day before.
Extra service charge of 20% for orders on Stat Holidays.
Includes cutlery, plate & napkin/person
Call us: 604-675-9770 ext #2
Order Deadlines
Winter 2012/2013
We’re less than 5 minutes from downtown!
est. 1994
Salad Shmear Platter
Your choice of 3 of Solly’s Salads or Low Fat (19%)
Cream Cheese Shmears from Seven of Solly’s
delicious bagel toppings:
Pastry Platter
A beautiful selection of Solly’s finest pastries cut
into small portions so your guests can taste a little
bit of everything. Includes Poppy Oatmeal Cookies,
Sour Cream & Seasonal Cakes, Babka, Rugoleh,
Meringues & Solly’s Famous Cinnamon Buns.*
Bagel & Cinnamon
Bun Breakfast Platter
Solly’s Famous Brooklyn style Bagels, “World
Famous” Cinnamon Buns, & just enough Low-Fat
(19%) Cream Cheese, Berry Jam and Butter for
everyone to shmear around. Perfect for an early
morning office meeting or breakfast meal.
Office Breakfast
Platter $45
Feeds 8...(2 half bagels
& ¼ bun each
Small Breakfast
Platter $65
Feeds 12...(2 half bagels
& ¼ bun each
Large Breakfast
Platter $85
Feeds 16...(2 half bagels & ¼ bun each
Organic Coffee
Service $19 **
Service $19 **
Serves 12 (8oz) cups
Serves 12 (8oz) cups
Includes cups, herbal &
Includes cups, stir sticks,
black tea, stir sticks, half &
half & half cream
half cream and sugar.
and sugar.
Sandwich Platter
Solly’s Famous bagel sandwiches over stuffed with
Turkey Breast, Pastrami, Tuna & Hummus-Veggie.
Includes Potato Chips & Kosher Dill Spears.*
Office Platter $65
Large Basket $35
Feeds 8...(one full
Small Platter $100
Feeds 12...(one full
sandwich each
Large Platter $130 **
Feeds 16...(one full sandwich each
* “All Vegetarian” or “All Meat” platters available on request
(extra charges will apply)
* “All Rye” or “All Whole Wheat bread” platters available on
Bagel/Bread Basket
Solly’s Famous Brooklyn style Bagels or
delicious Solly’s Dark Rye Bread sliced &
served in a basket.
Small Basket $25
16 bagels (2 halves)
or 32 slices rye
Office Pastry Platter $55 Small Pastry Platter $70
Feeds 8...(6 pieces each) or Feeds 14...(6 pieces each) or
Feeds 12...(4 pieces ...each) Feeds 28...(3 pieces each)
Large Pastry Platter $80
Feeds 19...(approx. 5 pieces each) or
Feeds 32...(approx. 3 pieces each)
* Pastry choices may vary seasonally
Lox & Cream Cheese Platter
A platter of Solly’s delicious Bagel halves
shmeared with low fat Cream Cheese & topped
with red Onions & Capers.
Office Lox & Cream
Cheese Platter $75
Feeds 5...(3 halves each)
Feeds 8...(2 halves each)
Small Lox & Cream
Cheese Platter $105
Feeds 7...(3 halves each) or
Feeds 11...(2 halves each)
Large Lox & Cream
Cheese Platter $140
Feeds 10...(3 halves each) or
Feeds 15...(2 halves each)
Large Basket $35
24 bagels (2 halves)
or 48 slices rye
** Add up to two coffee or tea services per
platter for only $17 each.
•Plain Cream Cheese •Herb Cream Cheese
•Dill Cream Cheese
•Egg Salad
•Tuna Salad
•Chive & Garlic
Cream Cheese
•Wild Salmon Salad*
Small Salad/ Shmear Platter $95
Feeds 16 (40gms of each salad/cc per person)** or
Feeds 22 (30gms of each salad/cc per person)***
Large Salad/ Shmear Platter $125
Feeds 22 (40gms of each salad/cc per person)*** or
Feeds 30 (30gms of each salad/cc per person)***
All platters come with fresh sliced cucumbers,
tomatoes & red onions.
* Add $7 per mound of Wild Salmon Salad to a small
Salad Shmear Platter & $10 per mound of Wild Salmon
Salad to a large platter
** Add 1 Solly’s Oven-Fresh “Large Basket” for 1½
bagels or 3 slices of bread per person
***- Add 1 Solly’s Oven-Fresh “Small Basket” & 1 Solly’s
“Large Basket” for approx 1½ bagels or 3 slices of bread
per person
“Best Bagel in Vancouver
Winner 2012”
Call us: 604-675-9770 ext #2
Email us: [email protected]
368 West 7th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M4
We’re less than 5 minutes from downtown!