news 04 ingl



news 04 ingl
september 2009
On the wave of the enthusiasm arising from the presentation of the new designs
Cayman 55 HT and Cayman 65 HT, Cantieri Navali del Tirreno passed from the design
to the facts: the 55 model underwent, during the setting up phase, to a bottom measure adjustment to exploit at the best the engine propulsion allowing also an optimal
enjoying of the onboard spaces. It was born so a 60 ft following faithfully the beginning design by taking all its possible improvements. Two units are under advanced
building yet projecting to the launching foreseen for the month of July 2009.
The intuition of Luigi Prosperi who has strongly wished the new HT line, of which the 75
ft has been the first result, gave energy to the Cayman brand just in a moment characterised by a market sharp braking which put in troubles blazoned brands of this
sector. The same 75 HT, shown at the Genoa Boat Exhibition 2008, arouse a great interest so that in the current year 2 new units are under construction.
The Shipyard product quality maintained high the attention of the public which concretely witnessed the interest for the whole Cayman WA and FLY range: also the units
under construction of this range of super tested boats are numerous. In spite of the
crisis winds Cantieri Navali del Tirreno pursue on the renewal route and aims to a
niche customers, demanding and sophisticated, customers aiming live on the sea
as a protagonist.
Cayman 55 HT Project
Genoa 49th International boat show Genova

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