Don Alejandro and Doña Santusa ••• Q´ero shamans


Don Alejandro and Doña Santusa ••• Q´ero shamans
••• Don Alejandro and Doña Santusa •••
Q´ero shamans (Paqo) visit Stockholm 7-12 May
Despacho ceremony 9 May •••
Hälsa utan gränser, Idungatan 14, Stockholm, 15.00 - 17.30 Price 200:OBS Föranmälan, drop in endast i mån av plats.
Chaka workshop 10-12 May •••
Chaka is a quechua word meaning ‘bridge’. We are taught to walk the seven paths of the seven
colours of the rainbow, each one raising in vibration, each one a healing in itself and each one establishing a profound connection with it’s ruling element. This teaching, in all it’s pure but intense
simplicity, creates a beautiful energetic bridge between us and the elements, the cosmos, and our
divine mother and father. It prepares us to walk the Rainbow path and eventually ‘cross the Rainbow bridge’ that will bring us back to our origins, our cosmic roots.
We invite you to experience this 3-day workshop with us so that you too can find this bridge and
make it stronger and thus become one of the ‘Chakaruna’
Healing and Initiations 7-8 May •••
Healing 1 300:- Initiations 2 400:-
For more information or to register please contact Anita Olsson,
[email protected], 0708-926 900

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