Is Your Extended Service Plan Program Fully



Is Your Extended Service Plan Program Fully
Having an extended service plan program that fits your business model is
important. But it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Have you considered how
your program is supported? Without the proper infrastructure, it might not
be as effective as it could be. Making sure your customers are taken care of is
as essential as the contents of a well-designed service contract and vital to
the overall success of your business.
At Warrantech, we continuously strive to improve the quality of service
provided to all customers. We believe that quality has to be the foundation of
everything that we do and everything that we represent. To us, customer
service is not just a team or a process, it does not have a starting point or an
ending point – it is part of the culture in everything we touch.
To bolster this approach, Warrantech employs a dedicated Quality Assurance
Department that reports directly to our Call Center Director, identifying strengths
and weaknesses, and effectively managing the workforce to optimize service delivery.
This department serves as the foundation for our call center as they monitor all
personnel on a daily basis and provide performance feedback on:
• Professionalism
• Customer interaction
• Procedural adherence
• Claims adjudication
• System usage
• System documentation
• Call lengths
We also make sure that customer service is readily available. Customers can file claims
through a dedicated toll-free phone number, email, web chat or Claims360, our
proprietary online platform. We even support mail and faxed claims as well.
To handle escalated customer issues and complaints, we have created a Presidential
Team. This team, which is located within the call center, maintains a close
relationship with each of our partners, the Account Manager(s) and executive teams.
Their task is to work with a client in the event of an escalation to ensure the best
possible service. This team receives referrals from the call center associates, direct
from our clients, from executive escalations and from all forms of social media.
Any customer who seeks to speak to a supervisor or is contacting us for the same
issue on more than one occasion is immediately transferred to the Presidential
Team. These associates are equipped with advanced customer service training and
problem resolution and have the full power and authority to make the appropriate
decision by working with the client to ensure that together we are achieving
customer satisfaction. The Presidential Team member owns the service
experience through completion and documents every aspect of the resolution.
The information that is recorded by the Presidential Team is reviewed monthly by
call center management and Warrantech executive management, as well as the
training department to identify process and procedure improvements needed to
avoid future escalations. Supervisors use the feedback from the Presidential Team
in their weekly meetings and individual coaching sessions with their associates.
This approach creates a customer who is not only satisfied with the outcome of
the transaction, but a customer who walks away from the experience with a
positive outlook on the service contract, Warrantech and, most importantly, our
Warrantech Support Process At A Glance
• Every customer contact is recorded and stored
• Appropriate staffing levels are maintained and based on program, time, date
and SLAs
• Unique telephone numbers and websites are utilized for each client
• IVR is used to appropriately route calls based on program, contact type, etc.
• IVR provides contact center associates with customer information prior to
• OEM and/or partner calls can be immediately routed to the appropriate
• All customer contacts are monitored in real time to ensure that all servicelevel agreements are met
Visit or give us a call at 800.833.8801 to learn more about
how we can support your business.

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