The copywriting of 2017



The copywriting of 2017
The copywriting of 2017
The definition of the copywriting is easy and accessible: „the art and the science of writing (words to be
used on websites, advertising text, promotional materials etc.), with the purpose of selling a
product/service and to convince the potential clients to act in a specific way. In many ways- to hire a
copywriter is like you hired a sales man, but the difference is that the copywriter has one goal: to meet
all your customers’needs using the messages he/she creates.”
In 2017, the term of copywriting that means the art of writing for selling, is often confused with the
term of copyright, which means royalty.
Copywriting is another way of advertising, a way that we can use to influence the reader, we can inform
him, offer him some suggestions or in other way to present him some false information. Is an efficient
way of promotion based on the creative writing, a particular way of writing the articles, an important
area of development in advertising.
Copywriting is a skill that every “word lover” can develop more and more, being also a way of writing
used by advertising specialists to convince the audience to do/believe/understand something, according
to a message.
Copywriting is a way of writing based on creativity and persuasion and it can be developed in years of
active work, experiences, research and specialized studies. Also, it requires inspiration, spontaneity and
poetic frenzy.
The difference between copywriting and content writing is an important one: when we are talking about
content writing, the texts are longer, more poetical, more documented. In copywriting, the information
is structured to be short and clear and offers the exact idea that needs to be highlighted.
In general, a copywriter writes messages like titles, slogans, social media announcements, texts for
printed materials, product descriptions, articles and reviews. Also a copywriter is responsible for the
creative concept of a marketing campaign, accurately and accessibly formulating the ad text or the rest
of a campaign materials.
The copywriter of 2017 needs to know some rules and principles of writing that can help him to be more
organized and write better and faster:
Focus on a single idea- choose the best version of a structured text, that has a central idea.
Write shorter sentences!- Is not always easy to catch the essence of an idea structured in 2
pages, in a 100 words text (for example, Facebook ADs), but if you succeed to use the key words
in a smart way, the challenge is won!
Don’t use heavy words, write for everybody- sometimes is better to write using simple and
understandable words than use difficult ones and to wake up one day that the audience of your
texts is just ... you. Your texts will be read by people from different social classes, so be
The solution is the key! When you write about a product or a service, be sure that you
highlighted the exact problems that the product/service will solve.
Storytelling- in 2017, the story makes the difference between an ok-ish text and a viral one. The
people’s mind is set to respond to stories so get advantage of this.
Key words- group all the relevant key words for an audience and adapt them according to the
Call to action- After the consumer read all the text, he needs to be guided somewhere, so don’t
finish an article without guiding your audience to do something: click on a button, subscribe to
a newsletter, give you their e-mail address in exchange of an e-book, visit another related article
etc. Is very important that this “hooks” not to be use arbitrary, but in relevant texts.
Without the content and persuasive messages, it wouldn’t be any functional website of Facebook Page
on the internet. Even if technically it would be well done, it would have no value without content
tailored to an audience, in a suitable and accessible language that provides relevant information to the
The copywriting and the content creation goes hand in hand with SEO activities, usually requiring lots of
creative effort. In 2017, content is the king, especially on a website that needs to be fresh, correct and
attractive. The copywriter is the magician on the words and in many times, he generates more impact
than any other selling action.
A good copywriter needs that know-how, documentation and market knowledge, like the marketing
and branding agency Vandy Vision knows .They are ready and well informed to handle the most
complex fields on the market, and they optimized campaigns and websites using the power of words
written in a natural and smart way. They understood the importance of the balance between the most
important aspects of a business but also the translation of every business’s vision in transparent texts,
easy to read and customer oriented.

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