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Angel Funding In India Is in High Demand
India is a large country with the 2nd largest population in the world and in order to provide job
opportunities for all of these people there has to significant investment in small businesses across
the country. Investment in small businesses is therefore considered of utmost importance to uplift
the economy of India and provide a decent standard of living for its vast population. However, in
order for the startup ecosystem to thrive, entrepreneurs founding these companies will need
financial capital to be able to generate value. As the saying goes it takes money to make money.
The most viable option for these small businesses is to get some sort of startup funding in the
form of equity or debt in order to ensure that they have the required financial backing to run a
small business and create employment for the masses. Currently, there are few institutions that
will provide startup loans in India for these small businesses.
However, angel investors in India are one such group that looks to fund small business with the
capital that they need to get the wheel turning and grow the business. This group comprises of
many wealthy individuals, high net individuals, executives of India and captains of industry and
many industrialists who have come together in order to form angel funding networks that will
invest in small businesses in India. These angel networks have funded many small businesses
and some of those businesses have gone on to become successful and create employment in India
on a large scale. The angel network in India has in the past ventured to fund small businesses not
just in urban areas but also those in rural areas. However, connecting small businesses in India
that are sustainable and capable of generating revenue with an investor has always been a
challenge. Primarily, because of a lack of a curate methodology in matching angel investors with
startups that need access to funding.
The next real option for a small business to obtain the necessary funding is to apply for a small
business loan. However, the application process that a founder of a business needs to endure to
get access to a loan in India is very fragmented and inefficient. This is compounded by the fact
that Banks and NBFCs have extremely stringent lending criteria thus making it close to
impossible for a small business to get access to a business loan in India. In order to eliminate
these complexities and improve ease of doing business there are many Finance Companies
in India which offering business loans that are needed to fund small businesses. Out of all
these finance companies, Market Finance is considering one of the best finance company in
India. This is primarily because of their experience in loan acquisition, their use of technology
and their high standard of customer support provided to small businessmen in order to ensure
access to capital. What makes them stand out is that they not only specialize in business loans
but also have access to a large number of angel investors thus providing small businesses access
to equity funding as well other financial products such as insurance and Bill Discounting.
Due to this ability to provide many financial solutions to a business, they have become a wellknown entity in the Indian environment. Same key product that they offer involve Collateral
Free Loans and bill discounting facilities that are funded by retail investors thereby reducing
interest rates. There are many stories of how this company has helped out a number of businesses
who need support with their finances. Given their routes as a startup themselves, they seem to
have understood the issues companies face when establishing a business in the Indian
So in conclusion in order to apply for a loan or equity funding in India there are many possible
options. One is to get some assistance from angel investors. The next is to get a loan from the
banks of India but in order to ensure that small businesses are saving time and exploring all
options simultaneously, a company like Market Finance is needed.
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