My Daniel Vassula Ryden


My Daniel Vassula Ryden
Do you know that angel beside you....
your guardian angel? Have you ever
asked his or her name? Have you ever
wished you could talk with your angel?
Suppose you came across someone who
could and whose angel entertained any
question she wanted to ask—no matter
how simple or profound? Well, now you
have come across such a woman. This book
comes through her for each one of us.
Since 1985, she has continued to receive these extraordinary messages.
They come through dictation by an audible voice within, then are written in
a stately handwriting—distinct from her own—as she allows her hand to be
guided supernaturally. The deep fulfilment and peace this grace has
brought to her personally is evident in meeting her or hearing her speak.
Responding to the Lord’s request, she travels throughout the world—at great
personal sacrifice—to share her experience and the messages. She receives no
royalties nor funds of any kind for her effort. This in itself is rare in these times.
Vassula Ryden
Vassula Ryden was born in Egypt of Greek extraction and has lived most of her
life in Third Wold countries. When this all began she was an acclaimed artist,
skilled tennis player and the wife of a Swedish international development
expert. Angels, or anything at all religious, were not in her busy schedule.
But when her pencil mysteriously drew a heart sprouting a rose and her
hand was gently guided to announce in beautiful cursive script: “I am
your guardian angel and my name is Daniel,” her life changed forever.
My Angel Daniel
About Vassula Ryden
Tens of thousands of people on five continents have already been deeply touched
by these messages. Bishops, priests, ministers, theologians, and Bible scholars
believe that Vassula and her messages are indeed authentic; that God is,
through her, truly addressing each one of us—irrespective of our beliefs—at a
time humankind so desperately needs direct Divine guidance.
ISBN : 0-9540338-4-1
Vassula Ryden
Early Dawn of
Original Handwriting Edition