Annual Report



Annual Report
Helping children with multiple disabilities or
profound deafness since 1986
Served 4,006 students from
17 Texas school districts at
Initiated our Alternatives
For Angels at-home respite
care program
Constructed a barrier-free
playground at Foster
Elementary and completed
improvements at Matzke
Park and Lindsay Lyons Park.
Distributed 400 Hearing
Aids in Victoria, Mexico
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A message from the Chairman of the Board
What A Year!
A year ago I thought long and hard about asking to be released from the chairmanship of Be An
Angel as I felt I was not up to the task. Today, I am thankful that I did not make that mistake. It
has been a year that I will always look back on with joy and pride for being a small part of the
wonderful accomplishments that have bettered so many lives. I have to admit that the life most
effected might just be my own.
Our charity faced many challenges in the last 12 months. The largest was how to continue to provide the programs and
select services we deliver to children and their families in a time when we were facing stressful economic times in our
community. I can happily report we did deliver on our promises to our children. The response to our concerns was
answered by our donors, volunteers, friends, board members and by our dedicated staff.
We were able to serve 6,081 children and families through the various programs sponsored by our many donors. Let me try
to put this in perspective for you who so generously gave of your time, talents and money: We served 570 more children
than we could last year, and again I want to point out - you made this happen in a year that other groups were forced to
reduce their programs. As always, you did this without the help of federal, state or local government assistance.
The Angel Awards Gala was an exciting night as we honored four outstanding individuals for their service to special
children. John Mendelsohn, Craig Cordola, Mark Klein and my friend Steve Drake were this years deserved recipients. It was
truly humbling to listen to the accomplishments of these outstanding citizens of our community. But the best was yet to
come; the evening set a new record in donations and commitments for our special children. My thanks to Patsy and Felix
Rhymes and their many volunteers who put on an evening to remember.
Our Christmas gift giving program was able to serve 8% more children this year due largely to Dan Patrick and the crew at
KSEV and their listeners, and TXU, a new corporate partner. When we did our budget for the year we cut back our
expectations and thanks to the efforts of all involved we were able to provide Christmas to more children that needed a
reason to smile.
Your generosity helped rebuild a playground at Foster Elementary (Humble ISD) that vandals had burned. This park now
serves the entire area and has equipment for our special children who can play along side their brothers or sisters. In
conjunction with the community and Commissioner Jerry Eversole we finished Phase II of the Matzke Park playground and
added an Outdoor Learning Center to Lindsay Lyons Playground.
A personal highlight was going to Guadalajara, Mexico to participate in our hearing aid program. I wish I was able to express
how I felt to be a part of the group bringing hearing to those kids. It was the best Fathers Day gift I have ever received. I
watched more children and parents smile and cry for joy as hearing was made available by the generosity of the Be An Angel
family and the volunteers of the Hearing Aids for Latin America group. Ray, Mark and all the rest of the group, thank you for
letting me be there with you. As I said, it was Fathers Day and when we were through for the day the young lady who
translated for me asked if I knew how many times I was given blessings from the people we helped. I would like to pass along
every one of those blessings to you, the people who keep Be An Angel going and helping children who have so few options in
In closing I have to express my most heartfelt THANKS to Marti, Michael and Dustin. There is only one way three people
can do so much for so many, and that is the Board of Directors of Be An Angel Fund, a group of dedicated and inspired
individuals who truly give meaning to the term “working board”. I must give thanks for the hundreds of volunteers who have
shown up to wrap and deliver packages at Christmas, or who gave of their time to our many other projects that would not
work without those extra sets of hands when we need them.
Lastly, I want to thank all of the people I have had the privilege to meet and work with this year. It is hard to express the
pride of being introduced to someone new as a representative of the Be An Angel family. I take great pride in the
accomplishments the “family” had this year, but what we have done has to be done again, as the needs of our special children
has not gone away or gotten smaller or less expensive.
Bill Shank
Be An Angel Fund, Inc.
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It is our MISSION to improve the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities or profound
deafness by providing adaptive equipment and select services to individuals and institutions that
require a supplement to alternative means of funding.
Our Vision
Children are the heart and soul of humanity—they represent all that is good within us. Be An
Angel believes that no child should be denied the opportunity to experience life at their fullest
potential. The VISION of Be An Angel Fund, Inc., is to use all available means to help create a
world where every child that is Multiply Handicapped or Profoundly Deaf has the opportunity
to experience improvements in their Personal quality of life, in order to facilitate that child’s
ability to grow physically and emotionally to the full extent of their individual capacity.
As a Caring, committed and compassionate support system, Be An Angel’s vision is founded
upon the belief that identifying and fulfilling the needs of these very special children by providing Adaptive Equipment, Special Services and Programs will provide the spark that will brighten
their lives.
This Vision is driven by the belief that our Creator endowed each of us with a limitless capacity
for love and compassion. There is no greater expression of love and compassion than to commit time, energy, and financial resources in the service of others.
Be An Angel believes that every child is important in this world and can contribute to others in
a meaningful way. The equipment, services, and programs that we are able to provide contribute to a longer, more productive and fuller life for the children we serve.
Annual Report 2009-2010
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Be An Angel Fund, Inc.
Balance Sheet
Current Assets
LPL Financial - General
LPL Financial - Bonds
Amegy Bank - CD
Amegy Bank - General
Amegy Bank - Petty Cash
Total Checking/Savings
Accounts Receivable
Prepaid Expense
Property and Equipment
Temporary Building
Furniture, Fixtures and Office Equipment
Other Equipment and Signage
Less: Accumulated Depreciation
Total Property and Equipment
Partnership Interests
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Long Term Liabilities (building note)
Total Liabilities
Opening Bal Equity
Unrestricted (retained earnings)
Net Income
Total Equity
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Be An Angel Fund, Inc.
Summary of Activities
*Based upon un-audited financials
Annual Report 2009-2010
2009 Board of Directors
F. E. “Bo” Bigelow, III
Bob Leonard
Dot Cunningham
Clay Morel
Walt Cunningham Enterprises
Stephen Drake
Dan Patrick
RBC Wealth Management
Jeff Gorski
Ned Piedmont
PFS Group
Dan Huberty
Clean Energy
Dan Kasprzak
Bill Shank
Shank Wealth Management
Ray Solcher
Grocery Services, Inc.
Robert Wells
Felix Rhymes
Rhymes and Co.
John Schwarz, Jr.
Skyline Realty Advisors, Inc.
The Wells Group, Inc.
Mike Williams
Schepp’s Dairy
Ann Wright
HT Realty
Johnson, DeLuca, Kennedy & Kurisky
2009 Advisory Board
Jack Barry
Ruth Houk
Tom Stream
Cary Benson
Natuzzi Leather
Karl Kuenning
Nationwide Financial
Ron Swofford
Carl Bowles
Bowles, Womack & Co.
Rob LeClair
Holy Bears
David Bruce
Senterra Corporation
Sally Maxwell
Conroe ISD
Doris Delaney
Region IV
Lou Pelz
Core Income Management
Dr. Nici Esch
Venita Phillips
Kanaly Trust Company
Barbara Garney
Barbara Heim
Be An Angel Staff
Patsy Rhymes
Snap 2
Terry Tognietti
The Tognietti Group
Richard Tyler
Richard Tyler International, Inc.
Constance White
Spindletop International
Brian Wozniak
Connie Young
Ellen B. Lane School
Marti Boone, Executive Director
Michael Musters, Program Director
Dustin Tracy, Development Director
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Be An Angel Fund, Inc.
Program Services
As of August 31, 2010
Alternatives For Angels
Summer Respite Programs 34,401.53
Books & Materials
Christmas Program
Child/Family Assistance
Hearing Program
Nutritional Program
Individual Requests
Institutional Assistance
Public Awareness
Payroll Expense
Matzke Park
Annual Report 2009-2010
Page 8
A message from the Executive Director
We have come a long way in the last 24 years in the way we view and treat individuals with
disabilities. Moreover, these are exciting times to say the least! It is hard to believe that Be
An Angel is on the ebb of celebrating its 25th year of service to multiply impaired and
profoundly deaf children. The enthusiasm and vision with which our organization began in
1986 have not only been sustained but have grown significantly. Our durable structure as a
resource for the disabled child and their family, the stability and creativity of our leadership, a
dedicated staff, and the dynamism of our field together fortifies our collective dedication to
our mission and vision.
We again had the pleasure of honoring four ambassadors that continuously lead the way in children’s causes with
our second annual “Angel Awards” gala, which was held the Rice Hotel this past spring. It was an awesome success,
thanks to the efforts of our Chair couple, Felix and Patsy Rhymes. John Mendelsohn, Craig Cordola, Mark Klein and
our own Steve Drake were highlighted for their tremendous efforts in delivering service and programs to the many
disabled children both here and all over the world. Our new partner, TXU, assisted in with our introduction at the
Thanksgiving Day Uptown Houston celebration highlighting the new Be An Angel deaf choir. That along with our
own KSEV sponsored golf tournament and Christmas gift-giving program has made our year not only successful, but
also far-reaching to fresh faces and latest programs.
Our new and updated Be An Angel website, along with Facebook have accelerated our energies in public awareness
allowing for instant messaging to our donors on our accomplishments and needs. I am honored to work with a very
dedicated group of men and women who comprise the Board of Directors and Advisory Board (with the fantastic
leadership of Bill Shank). These individuals, along with their committee members have devoted hundreds of hours
collectively over the past year, outside of their day jobs to insure that our mission is realized. They listened closely
to the requests from both institutions/schools of which we serve, the children, and their families from within. As a
caring, committed and compassionate support system with an emphasis on leadership, accountability and public
awareness, we believe that by identifying and fulfilling the needs of our very special children, we provide the spark
that will indeed brighten their lives and contribute to a longer, more productive and fuller life for the children we
We thank the many various groups and individuals that have continued to support Be An Angel and the many that
have joined our team of support this year! We face the same immense challenges that have impacted non-profit
organizations and the effects of these challenges will be felt for many years to come. The current economic woes
are being felt in every industry – no one seems immune. That being said, I believe that if we are good stewards,
nimble and creative, we can find opportunity in the face of challenges in the next few years. Our friends, our
donors and our partners view us in meeting the needs of our services with immediate results…. And that is a very
good thing! We are grateful to be the chosen instrument that paves a way for our “angels” smiles. It makes it all
worthwhile! By relying solely on our community, taking no Federal, State or local government funding, rich
treasures were and continue to be uncovered for these very special children.
Thanks to your support and willingness to share your time, energy and financial resources, we have concluded with
celebration! We look to our 2010-2011 year with high anticipation diligently striving to new “hope” for God’s
Overwhelmingly Grateful,
Marti Boone
Executive Director
Page 9
Programs In Action
Annual Report 2009-2010
Page 10
Fundraising Highlights
Honoring four Houstonians who have given their time and talents to help children in need.
Chief Executive Officer,
Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital
Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth Management
J.S. Abercrombie Professor & Chairman
Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine
Physician-In-Chief, Texas Children’s Hospital
President, The University of Texas
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Page 11
Fundraising Highlights
23rd Annual Charity
Golf Tournament
~~Women’s Recreational Shooting Association~~
Annual Report 2009-2010
Be An Angel Fund, Inc.
2003 Aldine Bender
Houston, Texas 77032
Phone: 281-219-3313
Fax: 281-219-7746

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