How to Bill Chronic Care Management_ccm software


How to Bill Chronic Care Management_ccm software
How to Bill Chronic Care Management_CCM Software
Chronic Care Management (CCM) Software was developed to meet all the electronic care plan
requirements for CPT code 99490. The intuitive design helps providers, care teams and
administrators leverage a sophisticated engine to identify and manage patients with 2+ chronic
WHO IS ELIGIBLE:-A patient who has been diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions expected
to last for at least 12 months (or until death of the patient) and places the patient at significant risk
of death, acute exacerbation or decline.
FOR PROVIDERS:-Chronicwatch provides the flexibility physicians and healthcare organizations
need to provide better outcomes, maximize their potential revenue from CPT 99490, while
enhancing patient care.
CLINICAL PARTNERS:-Our technology-only solution provides our partners a robust offering to
facilitate a CCM program. It includes important elements like the ability to accept patient
information from your EHR, clinically-driven care plan templates for most chronic diseases and a
daily work list to help the care provider organize their day and the delivery of care.
TECHNOLOGY:-Chronic Watch is a cloud-based CCM solution. Whether you are a care provider,
patient or family member, all you need to access the solution is an internet connection and a
computer, tablet or smartphone.
WHAT'S NEXT :-With the pace and complexity of today's healthcare system, getting started with a
CCM program can seem difficult. Our experts will guide you through the process of enrolling eligible
patients, establishing care plans, patient outreach, billing codes and all processes and requirements
of the CCM program.
HOW DO WE HELP:-Chronic Watch has expertise and a solution to help you implement a successful
CCM program for your practice. We have the know-how, technology, training and support to
improve the health of your chronically ill patients and to generate substantial revenue for your
SIMPLIFY 99490:- Patient Advocates connect with patients electronically or by phone to facilitate
enrollment and follow up monthly to enhance the doctor/patient relationship.
Security:-Chronic Watch is a completely secure HIPPA Compliant system that is SAS70 certified.
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