Leg exercises after an injury



Leg exercises after an injury
Leg exercises after an injury
When most people think of an accident, the first fear that comes to mind is
that of breaking a neck or some other form of damage to the internal
organs. However there are other injuries to the body that can be damaging
to the entire health, this includes injury to the leg. Leg injury is one of the
common injuries that people involved in an accident can suffer.
The human leg is made up of blood vessels, muscles and tissues. Even if it
is not in an accident, a fall can also cause harm to the leg. A leg can
undergo muscle tear, sprains, fractures and dislocations. An injury to the
leg may require surgery while others may be fine with Rapid physiocare
singapore. After an injury, exercise may be enough to bring the back to full
function but care should be taken not to overdo it as it may result to further
injury. Those who have leg injury can benefit from the following advice.
Doctor’s advice should be sought
When you have a leg injury, it is not advisable to start any form of treatment
on the leg without proper Vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Do not try to
force the leg to heal as healing time will always depend on the type of
injury. Some injuries may take longer to heal than others.
Use exercises that increase circulation
When you are sure you can exercise the leg, it is important to use
exercises that increase blood circulation to the leg. Such exercises are
often advised after surgery or vestibular physical therapy. This should be
exercises that can be done with the person lying down. Some exercises
include, bending the leg slightly at the knee, slowly raise the leg off the bed
making sure to keep it straight.
Exercises for flexibility
This is one important type of exercise that those with leg injury after an
accident are encouraged to use. Some simple exercises of vestibular
physiotherapy that can be used to improve on the leg flexibility by using
exercises as; using the foot to write alphabets, stretch the leg by reaching
out to touch the toes, improve on the ankle’s flexibility by turning the ankle
in different directions.
Exercises for balance
Use exercises advice by vestibular rehab therapy that improves on your
posture. Such exercise will help improve posture once the leg is healed.
Try to stand on one leg when the injury can permit.
Exercises for strength
When the leg has healed enough to permit you stand correctly, do exercise
recommended by home rehabilitation that will help to tone the leg and
strengthen the muscles. Do exercises to strengthen the knees and hips. Do
exercise such as knee rises. Use weights that can help the building of
muscle strength as well as resistance bands. As always start with
exercises that will not over strain the legs. You can use home care
services Singapore to get benefits from different rehabilitation techniques.
With their expert services you can easily get recover from your injury.

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