Anchor Digital - Different Types of Facebook Marketing Campaigns



Anchor Digital - Different Types of Facebook Marketing Campaigns
Different Types of Facebook Marketing Campaigns
Facebook has become the preferred marketing medium for small business all over
the world. The reason for this is that it offers them the chance to reach a wider
audience. However, there is a lot of competition between different companies for
exposure on Facebook. For you to succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts,
you must find a way to stand out. This means formulating your Facebook
marketing campaigns keeping your objectives in mind. There are various types of
marketing campaigns that you can run on Facebook and here is a look at some of
the most popular ones.
Brand Awareness Campaigns
If you are new to Facebook, then you should invest in brand awareness
campaigns. These marketing campaigns are aimed at increasing your Facebook
page visibility and allow people to notice your brand. The ads that you should be
running in this campaign should only prompt the users to visit your Facebook
page. Since the aim in these campaigns is simply to attract the people, don’t expect
to start seeing results immediately. Such campaigns need time and require a lot of
trial and error before generating results.
Lead Generation Campaigns
For businesses that are relatively well-known and are now looking for new leads,
the lead generation campaigns can prove to be quite beneficial. These campaigns
focus on leading the user to visit the website of the business or to get them to sign
up for an event. The ads in this campaign should be encouraging and get the user to
do something other than simply visit your Facebook page. Such campaigns can
help in generating leads for your business and can help in increasing your sales.
These campaigns also require time to deliver results and you need to continue
monitoring them to know what works and what doesn’t.
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