automatically manages
the entire process for
demand generation
campaigns, saving
hundreds of hours over
traditional lead
management solutions.
Acquiro’s LeadMANAGER is designed for agencies
looking to streamline their processes and reduce
the manual overhead of managing numerous and
complex marketing campaigns.
Data hygiene, data management, and coordination in
large demand generation campaigns are difficult, timeconsuming and error-prone tasks. LeadMANAGER
arms you with a solution to keep everyone and
everything in sync automatically in your marketing lead
generation campaigns.
Demand generation campaigns are an essential component of any business
development strategy for today’s businesses.
Efficiently coordinating the efforts of dozens of lead vendors, clients, and thousands and
thousands of leads (or more) is a massive undertaking. Many of today’s current lead
management solutions leave users having to manually perform repetitive, time-consuming
tasks such as gathering leads, issuing requirements, maintaining schedules, transmitting
leads, handling poor quality data, among many others.
LeadMANAGER’s unmatched solution provides quality data control, schedule management
and visibility over the entire process, from demand generation through to the end client,
giving you visibility and control like you’ve never had it before. It also provides objective
leads assessment and processing solutions to enable you to adhere to requirements
without incurring unanticipated costs managing the process.
LeadMANAGER is an essential component in today’s lead generation toolbox to efficiently
manage and control the many work streams and activities of demand lead generation
campaigns, saving you hundreds of hours of man-power each year and eliminating the
problem of human error in demand generation campaigns.
Visit www.acquiro.com for more details, or email us at [email protected]
Provides a 360-degree view of the lead generation cycle
Seamlessly & automatically manages efforts of dozens of lead generation
Controls lead quality at the point of vendor submission
Seamless integration to most sales and marketing systems
Business friendly dashboard provides continuous activity monitoring lead
activity and treatment
Customized behavior for specific clients and vendors
Non-intrusive system; does not require an internal system
Unprecedented visibility into and control over campaign performance
Automates all key processes, saving your team hundreds of hours each
year and reducing room for human error
Quickly separates high quality lead data from “dirty” lead data from outside
sources (vendors)
Automatically detects and rejects bad data before it reaches your system
Easily and quickly spots positive and negative trends and patterns in
campaigns enabling you to quickly make changes to increase ROI
Multiple input and output channels
Highly scalable platform for easy integration with CRM systems
Visit www.acquiro.com for more details, or email us at [email protected]

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