Your Rising Sign Indicates Your Best Pet


Your Rising Sign Indicates Your Best Pet
Your Rising Sign Indicates
Your Best Pet
Did you know that your rising sign is a more consistent indicator of the best pet for you more than
your Sun sign or your Moon sign? The rising sign designates which signs rule each of the houses in
the natal chart. When you know your rising sign, which is your ascendant, you know what sign rules
your sixth house of pets.
For instance, if you have Aries rising, then you have Taurus on the cusp of your 2nd house, Gemini
on the cusp of your 3rd house, Cancer on the cusp of your 4th house, Leo on the cusp of your 5th
house and Virgo on the cusp of your 6th house.
Aries rising sign:
Choose a dignified, quiet, tidy and super-smart pet such s a Border Collie, Siamese Cat, rat, pig or
African Gray Parrot. Service pets do best with someone with an Aries ascendant. They enjoy working
and helping. Be alert that your pet may have a more finicky digestive tract and need digestive
enzymes or tested for food allergies.
Taurus rising sign:
Choose a graceful pet that gets along with all kinds of animals. If you have a Taurus rising sign, you
may have a pet that thinks he is the spouse and gets quite offended when you introduce a partner
into your home.
Gemini rising sign:
I'm thinking an owl ... are you? Not sure that's a legal pet, but it would be great for you. Or a snake.
Probably not both though. Or a bat. Something Wednesday Addams would want.
Cancer rising sign:
You need a pet with a big personality. A pony
or horse is always good. However, Cancer
ascendant can really surprise you when it
comes to pets. Many have big cats that have
been rescued or even more exotic, such as an
elephant. You'll notice your pets tend to be
good listeners.
Leo rising sign:
The best pet for you is dignified with a lot of
social status. Certainly a show dog would be
appropriate. Your pets tend to live long lives,
so you could also go the route of a tortoise or
a parrot. Despite the coloring of a parrot, a lot
of Leo ascendant individuals have black
colored pets. If you live where the sun is
strong, keep your pet inside during peak
hours as Leo rising pets have sensitive skin. A
goat makes an ideal pet for Leo rising,
especially if the horns are beautiful.
Virgo rising sign:
You need a pet with a slightly rebellious
personality. A unique pet. Definitely
adopted, but very unusual. Maybe a
rescued bird, or depending on where you
live, a bear.
Libra rising sign:
A serene, sleepy, psychic, water-loving
pet would be great for you. One that is
sympathetic or musical would be perfect.
If your pet doesn't like a friend or family
member, that's probably a sign to not
hang out with that person. If you are coastal, this pet will appreciate the beach.
Scorpio rising:
You need an Aries type of pet. Choose a pet who is fairly independent. Red is good, such as reddish
fur or feathers or scales. Be careful though as Scorpio rising folks often end up with pets that are
more aggressive than they bargained for. These pets need a job to do. Keep 'em busy so they make
good use of all that energy. This kind of pet tends to place first in pet shows. Your pet will tend to
always benefit from acupuncture treatment.
Sagittarius rising sign:
The best choice for you is a beautiful pet with a gourmet appetite. Choose a pet that you can spoil
and indulge. Rhinestone studded collar, negative ion bed, essential oil locket, boar bristle brush, and
a scarf for every season. Your pets will have a very developed sense of smell. Buy only the best of fur
care products. This pet usually comes with a big price tag - literally.
Capricorn rising sign:
You'll be happiest with a pet that is expressive or communicative ... one that loves to learn new
tricks or commands. Lots of Capricorn rising folks have pets that go with them in the car, such as a
dog or a bird that sits on their shoulder. If you are choosing your pet amidst a group, look for the one
that is most curious, mischievous or talkative.
Aquarius rising sign:
You need either an intuitive pet, nighttime pet or a
therapy pet. Folks with Aquarius rising like very
sensitive animals, so choose according to the
amount of time you can commit to hanging out
with your new companion. You also might inherit
your pet from your mother, step-mother, motherin-law or a mother figure.
Pisces rising sign:
Your pet should be your child. Get your pet as a
baby. You would do well to rescue an abandoned baby animal where there is a strong opportunity
for bonding and imprinting. Look for a gold colored pet with a big, fun-loving personality. Teach him
or her tricks and games. Choose an animal that is great with kids. This can also be a pet that is a
natural entertainer. If you have a Pisces ascendant, consider a side career of training animals for
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