Gina Fresquez Reports on Olsen`s Grain Pet Event Hello, On April


Gina Fresquez Reports on Olsen`s Grain Pet Event Hello, On April
Gina Fresquez Reports on Olsen’s Grain Pet Event
On April 16th, I had the pleasure of participating in a great pet event
with Olsen's Grain in Prescott, Arizona. They were the title sponsor
for this community event benefiting the United Animal Funds. Even
though Olsen's Grain carries many different premium brands of pet food
(over 20) they chose to ONLY promote Exclusive pet food so I was there
to help out! At this event people paid $15 to attend and received a
lunch for themselves as well as a ceramic pet food bowel that they can
go to different vendor and fill with goodies. We were the only pet
food company represented and giving out samples. The other vendors
were pet treats, toys, etc. Everyone gathered around the town square
and attendees brought their dogs and even a few cats with them. We
went through about 20 cases of Exclusive samples and spoke to a ton of
pet owners at the booth. We also gave out coupons and signed people up
on the frequent buyer program all day. As you can see from the
pictures there were lots of people and their pets all around and it was
really a wonderful event. In the next few months I hope to see if it
has paid off in increasing Exclusive sales! I will let you know!
Take care!
Gina Mazzella Fresquez
Account Manager / Equine Specialist - Arizona Purina Mills, LLC
(602) 999-5502