“Cats, dogs, lizards.. Oh my!” October 21, 2015


“Cats, dogs, lizards.. Oh my!” October 21, 2015
-The WlrinipBg Sun ^-THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22,2015
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reduced by 25% to people
who visit the zoo in costume
from this Friday to Oct. 31.
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9a.m. to 4p.m.
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ExTreme Dogs will hit the
5,000-square-foot entertain-
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Tickets are $12, while chitdren 12 and under are free.
Tickets can be purchased in
advance to avoid lineups. For
tickets or more details, go to.
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The Winnipeg Sun • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25,2015
Winnipeg Pet Show
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the RBC Convention
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Bird World.
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