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Photo Album - Keystrokes Transcription Service
We had such a great turnout for the KeyNotes newsletter “Cutest Pet” contest. Now...let the voting begin!
The rules for voting are as follows:
•You may not vote for your own pet
•Only one vote per person
•Email your vote to: [email protected]
•Please send both the entry number and pet name
Although every pet is cute....Only one can be crowned “Cutest Pet.”
Winner will receive a $50.00 e-gift certificate to to pamper their pet.
The winner will be announced in the August issue of KeyNotes.
#1 Tyson
#2 Joshua “bobo”
“....A Cool Dude In A Loose Mood”
#3 Pongo
#4 Sophie
Stopping to stop and smell the roses.
#5 Benton (Pet Rat)
Photo was taken last winter, he was keeping warm wrapped in a t-shirt.
#6 Jeter
#7 Josh
# 8 Bootsie
Laying on “mom’s” arm while she is hard at work.
#9 Gizzy
#10 Skrapi
Was found outside owners home at 3 weeks old.
#11 Nelly
Singing a song as we ride in the truck
#12 Abby
Was actually sitting like this. (not posing)
#13 Minnie
“Begging for cheese”
#14 Dinkie
20+ lbs. Named Dinkie because he use to be a scrawny, stray kitten.
#15 Casper
“Just Relaxin”
#16 Chubbles
“6 years old and loves to sleep on my desk while I work.”
#17 Dr. Kramer
“What do you mean it didn’t save!”
#18 Faux nee Bologna
Her breed is Bolognese (originating in Bologna, Italy). BOLOGNA is also the name for a
luncheon meat that people often pronounce as bologny. The dog is “pet quality” as opposed to
“show quality” because her nose should be black. Thus, she is a falsely born (or Faux Nee in
French). This makes her name: Faux nee Bologna, pronounced Phony Baloney!!
#19 Tank
Tank can sit upright, without support, for hours staring out the window watching the cows.
#20 Odie
#21 Bella
#22 Blackie
#23 Brutus
#24 Hannah
#25 Matilda
#26 Delilah
#27 Deuce
Enjoying a plane ride.
#28 Barracuda (hedgehog)
Looking slightly puzzled as to why GI Joe is there.
#29 Tiny Tiger
#30 Odin & Max
#31 Coco & Cabo
#32 Dodger
#33 Maggie
#34 Kaytee
“Mama I’m Yours”
#35 Olive
#36 Houdini
#37 Star
“My Happy Star”
#38 Mari & Sami
“Two Are Better Than One”
#39 Pixie
#40 Danica
#41 Laddie
#42 Rylee
#43 Bailey
#44 Angie
#45 Gobi
Gobi just won oldest Pug in a local pug parade.
#46 Landon Donovan Brown
Here is my dog who should win just for his name alone! He is a Jack Russell mix? That is what the vet
thinks. He was found in a parking lot in Grass Valley California, which is were we adopted him from the
shelter April 15, 2004, 4 months after my beloved 14-year old German Shephed/Rhodesian Ridgeback
passed away on my birthday 2003 (December 22). Emily (also a Keystrokes transcriptionist) found him on At the time my then 16-year old youngest daughter (soccer player since age 6) named him
Landon Donovan Brown. Landon Donovan scored the winning goal, June 23rd in the 91st minute to send
the USA to the second round of World Cup!
#47 Lucky

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