Why choose soy candles and its usages


Why choose soy candles and its usages
Why choose soy candles and its
We all love candles, their aroma, and the light they radiate but
don’t know what are they made of ? The traditional candles are
paraffin, which is a derivative of petroleum. When burned emit
harmful fumes and give off black soot.They are
toxic, contaminants and derive from oil refineries. But this is
not in case of Soy Candles Australia
Why soy candles?
 Because they are made with soy wax, which is a vegetable
derivative, 100% natural.
 They have a clean and even burn, and last 3 times longer
than paraffin candles.
 They are not toxic. They are sustainable, they do not
pollute, and they derive from a natural product.
 Soy candles do not require more care.
 Buy Candles Online Australia is easy way to get Soy
However, it is important to remember that like any other
candle, never leave the clothes unattended after using the
Personalised Candles Australia.
Some important tips when dealing with candles
 Because it is a natural wax candle, do not keep it onfor
more than 3 hours in a row.
 Before turning it off, check that the wax has melted to the
edges, since that will facilitate the burned even.
 If the flame is very small, turn off the candle and carefully
release the burnt tip of the wick.
 If the candle does not light, remove a little wax around the
wick and edges of the aglass with a teaspoon.
 Always wait until it is
completely solid to restart it
and,before doing so, do not
forget to spy with your fingers
the bit of burnt wick.
 And something super important:
palms are sensitive to heat,
so never expose them to direct
sunlightor the intense heat (never ever leave them inside
the car).
 When your candle is finished, simply remove the remains of
wax with paper towels,and then fill the glass with warm
water and detergent.This process will release any remaining
wax as well as the glue
 that holds the wick.After a few minutes, wash the glass
thoroughly with detergent and
wax is a cheap alternative to beeswax to make natural
candles. Its main advantages over paraffin that it is a renewable
natural material, it has no relation with the industrial pollutant
of oil, nor does it emit toxic carcinogenic compounds when it is
burned. In addition, they produce 90 percent less soot that
stains the furniture and walls, burn completely, last up to half
more and spills are easy to clean, even textile elements. On the
other hand, the melting point of soy wax is lower. This allows
the added essential oils to be dispersed earlier in the
environment giving off a fresher and more lasting aroma.
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