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Exact Questions
Cisco - 700-651
Question #:1
Which option is the average cost to hire an employee in the United States?
A. 5 thousand dollars
B. 10 thousand dollars
C. 25 thousand dollars
D. 20 thousand dollars
Answer: C
Question #:2
How can you drive modernization within your customer's existing environment?
A. Hire an external consultant to convince the customer to modernize.
B. Provide support to end of sale products.
C. Remind customers that their competitors are modernizing.
D. Remind customers that they reduce operational risk by keeping current products with current support
Answer: D
Question #:3
Which video endpoint series is ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces?
A. SX80 Codec
B. MX Series
C. SX10 and SX20 Series Quick Sets
D. IX Series
Answer: C
Question #:4
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Exact Questions
Cisco - 700-651
Which Cisco UCM version provides access to Spark Hybrid functionality?
A. 10.5 or higher
B. 11.0
C. 9.1 or higher
D. 10.5
Answer: A
Question #:5
Which option do all aspects of the Unified Communications and Collaboration system rely on?
A. licensing that is purchased
B. administrator security rights
C. proper design and deployment of the system architecture
D. proper delegation of tasks during the sales cycle and deployment
Answer: C
All aspects of the Unified Communications and Collaboration System, including call routing, call control,
applications and services, and operations and serviceability, rely heavily on proper design and deployment of
the system architecture.
Question #:6
Which sales play focuses on B2B and B2C communication?
B. facilities
C. entertainment
D. travel
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Exact Questions
Cisco - 700-651
Answer: D
Question #:7
Which capability can Pexip provide?
A. conferencing
B. video endpoints
C. voice endpoints
D. call center functions
Answer: A
Question #:8
Which option does BYOx refer to?
A. bring your own application
B. bring your own XML
C. bring your own device
D. bring your own experience
Answer: C
Question #:9
Which SWSS offer allows customers to choose the right level of service for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid
A. Enhanced SWSS
B. Unified Communications SWSS
C. Lifecycle SWSS
D. Cisco Spark and WebEx SWSS
Answer: D
Question #:10
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Exact Questions
Cisco - 700-651
Which step is the first in a converged architecture strategy and assessment?
A. Conduct network assessment based on KPIs.
B. Identify architecture gaps.
C. Apply benchmark metrics.
D. Perform business and technical analysis of infrastructure
Answer: D
In order to establish a baseline, Cisco experts begin by conducting a network assessment. During this process,
and based on Cisco architecture leading practices and key performance indicators (KPIs), a snapshot-in-time
measurement is produced. Further, by applying objective benchmarking metrics to these KPIs, Cisco engineers
perform a business and technical analysis of your unique infrastructure, including end-user service
requirements and application performance.
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