Safety Screens Doors and Windows



Safety Screens Doors and Windows
Security mesh screens are hot
We love leaving our doors and windows open to allow the breeze to flow
through our home. We also like our home to be secure. What we don’t
love are flies and mosquitoes. That’s why we started Safety Screens.
Having installed these screens on our home in Australia, we knew this
great product existed. Except no one was offering them in the UAE so we
decided to do it ourselves.
We come to work each day to fabricate premium grade woven stainless
steel mesh screens. We are still the only ones currently offering these
screens in the UAE. We’re not trying to conquer the world so there’s
nothing to distract us. We have a team of experienced craftsman and
engineers who take pride in every screen they build. Each screen is custom
made to measure so we can’t afford mistakes. The team cut them with an
experienced eye, and tape measure, to the match the size of the individual
door or window. Much of the work that goes into a screen is unseen. The
woven steel mesh is secured with a patented technique within an
aluminium frame. Skilled hands and careful fixing are required to secure
the mesh in place. It’s this underground work that ensures the screens offer
the highest levels of security and robustness. It’s what gives our screens
the edge. We use the finest quality materials and let our metalsmiths do the
rest. It’s a dance between the metalsmith, his tools and the steel. It’s
mesmerizing to watch.
We also love how long the screens last. You don’t have to be in Dubai
long to see the state of the cheap fiberglass fly screens found on most
villas. The other common type of screen in the region is the roll up insect
screen. These screens also don’t last the test of time. Their roller
mechanisms are prone to fail along with the small plastic clips that hold
the screen in place. Our screens are made from steel and aluminium so we
know they will last. The metals are powder coated so they won’t rust and
can be colour matched to your existing door and window frames. We are
so confident of their durability that they come with a ten year warranty.
fly screen door
fly screen mesh
mosquito net
fly screen repair
While security isn’t a big concern for many residents in the UAE, the
screens are so robust that they pass the Australian security standards for
mesh screens. This means that you can leave your glass doors and
windows open and have your villas secured with a security rated screen.
The screens come with a triple locking mechanism and are deep counter
sunk into the existing wall structure for added security. We like to sleep
with our doors and windows open during the cooler months and with the
security rating offered by the screens you can sleep soundly at night
without worrying about intruders.
Please contact for more information :-
We are passionate about insect screens. Our mission is to make these
premium stainless steel screens available to everyone in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
and across the UAE.

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